You can stop yourself from any game addiction, but not from a game like Angry Birds.

This is THE game that starts luring everyone to get playing and will make you give in to the temptation. There are different season series and sequels of this gameplay; trying one by one is where the addiction lies.

Here are tips to make you master the art of fingering those slingshots for different angles and targets.

Aim is Where your Angle is

This gameplay is all about aiming at your enemy birds with the right angle on your slingshots. Use the right finger on the sling that you will be convenient with. There are people who play this game just to win through the level and there are those who repeat the angles and play just to see those three stars shining colorfully at the end of each board.

So it is up to you to decide which one of these do you want to go with. If you chose the latter over the former, then aim at your angles properly and you’ll simply swing through. If you chose the latter, then the answer is the same again!

The Speed Acceleration Theory

Speed acceleration theory which will remind you of the Physics chapters you swept through while young, will come into the gameplay here. You will be credited with points on each game board and you will have to save these – just to upgrade your accelerating speed. The more your acceleration on the slingshots, the more the force on those enemy birds which have been standing in the midway of your victory!

Trick the Ticking Time

When your birds have lost their lives, you will have to wait for 20 more minutes for a refill or use your gems to get them back. Never go for the second option – instead, trick the time. Switch your phone to airplane mode and change your time settings 20 minutes ahead. Then, switch your phone back to the normal mode, just to see instantly refilled lives to start playing again!

Go Social, Earn Double

FB supports almost all the games you play on your device. Angry Birds is a little more special to FB; in the way that it provides double rewards for you while you get the game synched to your FB account. Get connected with your Angry Birds playing friends on FB and earn double rewards to hike up your scores like magic.

The Magic Board

If you have been playing the Candy Crush Saga, then you must be familiar with the magic wheel that you spin once daily to get nice goodies to save you in tough times on a board/level. Angry Birds also offers one such free hit daily via a board which you must tap on daily. Tapping on this board on a daily basis will give you more coins or gems to enhance the play. Take advantage of such freebies.

Get Lucky

The word ‘luck’ plays an important part in Angry Birds. You might be trying hard over an angle, while at times you might win over it even without aiming. It all lies in the luck factor. If you found a rhythm on one spot or one kind of angle that’s getting you lucky every time, then stick by at it at times of defeat.

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