Boom Beach, the gameplay that requires you to train certain troops and conquer single player and multiplayer beaches can be played with expert tips and tricks.

Fighting for a new beach and freeing islanders is the booming game all about. Once you have trained your troops to defeat the enemies, you must also give them expert training on defending strategies. For that, you must be an expert yourself. Here’s some knowledge session for you on the strategies.

So get set, ready and go boom to start with these tips.

The Strategy Study

Below listed are strategies you must train your troop on and choose to adopt the right one for the situation you are dealing with:

  • Defensive Strategies
  • Hammerman and
  • Offensive Strategies

Looking at each one of them in short detail reveals the following:

Defensive Strategies

The headquarters is what you have to defend to totally destroy your attackers. Once you blow it out, the total troop will fall down. So your code word to success must be – mission headquarters.

It is important to protect your non-defensive buildings, as the next part of your mission. The Sawmill, Gold Storage, etc. are not of great value when it comes to defending. But, this doesn’t mean you can take their positioning for granted, as well. Choose for spots where the attacker won’t get to attack them.

It is also important to space your buildings. If they are too close or happen to be touching each other, then you have to bear the brunt of an artillery shell bomb from your attackers to put the structures down.

Lt. Hammerman Headquarters

While it comes to attacking the Lt. Hammerman series, you will have to deal with many levels; like 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60. Each level requires a different planning for the attack. Yet, there are common defeating points in each of these levels, which we can look at here:

  • Try and destroy the bottom list of troops first
  • Keep aiming at blowing down the headquarters every time you make a move
  • Unload your landing crafts to the far right every time
  • Be ready to lose some of the men from your troop when you are aiming to attack the headquarters
  • Use shock bombs in places where you want some break in time before bombing on the next structure
  • Use the machine gun when you have to fire at a large troop of members
  • Activate the Smoke Screen before you drop a shock bomb and this will ease the task of bombing down the headquarters for you.

Offensive Strategies

While you are training your troop on offensive strategies, understand the following thoroughly. Understand your troops for better attacking plan. You will meet the heavies who can take a lot of attacks and still live to hit high points. The Zookas and Rifleman are vulnerable troops, but still can help attacking the lower level enemies.

Use the Riflemen to attack larger troops when you have to deal with large targets like the Cannon, Boom Cannon and Sniper Tower. These will prove effective for the single shot defenses.

When you are flaring up your troop to destroy the headquarters, use the Flares, Shock Bombs and Smoke Screens to get them there directly. Also, use Artillery or Shock Bombs frequently to disable higher level structures temporarily.

The Conclusion

Other than the above mentioned strategies to follow, you must also get your hands on small tips like turning the trees to lumbar, upgrading as swiftly as possible, using the diamonds wisely, exploring and building radar, scouting before an attack, and attacking the base and avoiding using guns.

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