Google Drive and Dropbox are the largest and popular cloud storage services available today.

They are both designed to address individual and business storage needs with a lot of ease, anywhere and on any device. With these two platforms, you can save your documents, collaborate files with co-workers, share with friends and restore previous versions of files. However, you will rarely use them both and thus, you must make a choice on which is better platform based on your needs and its effectiveness.

This review will give you a head to head comparison of their features.

So How do Google Drive and Dropbox Compare?

Ease of Use: 

Both are easy to use from installation to set up, uploading files and downloading files. Installation for both takes only a few clicks and within a minute of your time. After installation, they both create a folder on your computer that you drag files into. Once you put files into either Google Drive or Dropbox folder, they are instantly synced to the cloud and to all other devices. They both have a simple interface enabling you to undertake most tasks easily. To share the files with our family and friends, you only need to right click the file and then click share.

To share, Dropbox creates a public link that is copied to your clipboard, which you will paste into an email to share with friends and family. Google Drive is slightly different as you have to select the users to share with or choose to share the link publicly, which comes with additional few steps. In terms of which platform offers better ease of use, Dropbox slightly better as it has fewer clicks both the difference is very minimal to declare it an outright winner.

File Support

In file support, Google Drive is the outright winner. Google Drive supports up to 30 different file types, which you can open directly with your web browser. Other than the standard audio, video and text files, Google Drive also supports Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and AutoDesk even when you have not installed those programs in your computer. Although Dropbox still supports most of these files, unlike Google Drive, you cannot edit them online. You must download them to edit them on Dropbox.


Security is a major concern for any cloud service. How safe is the cloud storage from hackers determines how secure your information is. Dropbox has been a victim of attacks on several occasions with the most notable being in 2011 when a change made all accounts inaccessible for about 4 hours. To address these attacks, Dropbox launched a two-factor authentication process in August 2012 that requires users to input a code in addition to the password or a time-based password generator.

Google Drive on the other hand uses a central Google account that users use for other Google services such as Gmail. Users can also use a two factor authentication as well. Both platforms offer business-specific versions. Google Docs for business comes with all features of a Drive but also allows teams using the same email domain share files. Dropbox has a group version Dropbox for teams that offers more control over the directory integration, security management and access control.


Both services support Windows, Android, iOS and Mac platforms but Dropbox has a superior functionality as it also supports Linux and Windows phone. Although Google Drive is working on Linux version, it does not support Windows Phone.


Google Drive offers 15GB free storage space while Dropbox offers 2GB free space although you can increase the space by referring friends. On premium rates, Dropbox offers 1TB of space for $9.99 per month or $99 per year while Drive offers 100GB, 1TB, 10TB, 20TB and 30TB for $1.99, $9.99, $99.9, $199.99 and $299.99per month. Drive is more convenient because it offers flexibility.

So now the choice is yours. Is it Google Drive or Dropbox?

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