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Instagram Hyperlapse – Free Download for Your Android


If you are unacquainted with hyperlapses, they are basically special time lapses captured while the camera is moving. They’ve been viewed by many people as tedious and expensive since they involve various camera mounts and video editing software.

The new app, Instagram Hyperlapse, has simplified all these enabling you to easily capture moving time-lapse videos and also share them with your friends. It makes use of a technique known as time lapse photography which plays frames back at a faster rate than the one they were captured at. With this technique, it is possible to experience a whole day in even less than a minute. People have fallen in love with Instagram Hyperlapse since it makes use of time lapses which reveal motions in their day-to-day lives that would be otherwise, invisible.


Instagram Hyperlapse features a post-capture screen where you are able to select your preferred playback rate. Instagram also incorporated Cinema, a video stabilization algorithm, which helps achieve fluid camera motion. Cinema makes use of the phone’s built-in gyroscope in order to measure and also remove unwanted camera shake. This algorithm ensures the smoothest camera motion and also ascertains that frames are not changed so that the areas outside the frame are included in the final video. Filter Kit, a filtering pipeline, is applied at 30 fps on the fly during video playback.

You can easily select a time lapse level by just dragging a slider to the level you would prefer after recording the video. For instance, selecting a time lapse of level of 6x implies that the final video will be played 6 times faster than the recorded one at 30 fps.
In order to counteract handshakes, there is need to zoom and crop. Cinema is able to pick the zoom based on the amount of handshake when recording the video. Slight zooming will be applied where there is minimal handshake, while a lot of zooming will be done in case of extensive handshake. This ensures that there are no empty regions in the final video. While zooming in tends to reduce the field of view and also hinder effective resolution, Instagram uses adaptive zooming to enable maximum resolution, even in extensive handshakes.

The app basically does all the hard work required and hence no technical skills are needed to use Instagram Hyperlapse.

How to Use Instagram Hyperlapse

You can first download the app from Google Play Store. You are only required to grant access to your camera, photos and microphone. You do not have to sign in with Instagram Hyperlapse.

You’ll then be directed to a recording mode. You should then press the white button and capture the video either horizontally or vertically. It is recommended to capture in the horizontal mode in case you plan on sharing the video on Instagram or even Facebook.
While recording, you’ll notice two time stamps just below the Stop button. The left stamp shows how much time you’ve recorded so far. The right one shows the time that will be translated in the final video if you speed up to the highest frame rate.
After recording, you can then press the Stop button. You should then select the frame rate you prefer.

The video will then take some time to be processed depending on its length.
Once it is saved to your photo gallery, you can opt to share it on Instagram or/and Facebook.

Instagram Hyperlapse brings lot of fun in the world of photography opening up opportunities for unique creations. It is completely simple to use given that it makes use of user-friendly interface. It has stolen the hearts of many iPhone and iPad users, and will definitely continue to thrive. You can now experience top notch photography by using Instagram Hyperlapse- download it now for your Android from Google play store.