Latest tests performed by Geekbench and Primate Lab show that the iPad Air 2 is the fastest iOS device on the market at the moment.

The results show that the second generation of iPad Air is 55% faster than the iPhone 6. The slimmest iPad, with thickness set at 6.1mm, now gets another reward and acknowledgment.

The Specs That Make iPad Air 2 Fast

While many assumed that the iPad Air 2 will ship with a dual core processor, the A8X chip, specially designed for tablets, actually comes with 3 processors. The triple core processor has a maximum clocking speed limit at 1.5 GHz. That is the secret of the power the iPad Air 2 delivers. Additionally, unlike most of the iOS devices that boost 1 GB RAM, the iPad Air 2 comes with 2 GB RAM.

Multi Core Comparison

The benchmark tests were done by Geekbench. On the test results, the iPad Air 2 comes 55% faster than the two most powerful devices in the Apple line at the moment, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Compared to its predecessor, the iPad Air, the second generation comes on top as well, and is faster by 68%. For numbers sake, the iPad Air 2 scored 4477 on the benchmark test, while the iPhone 6 scored 2879. The score of the first generation of iPad Air is 2664.

Single Core Comparison

Besides the multi core comparison, the new iPad Air 2 is a lot better than the other iOS devices in the single core comparison as well. In the test done by Primate Lab, the iPad Air 2 had benchmark results of 13% better than the ones for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus phones. The iPad Air 2 also outperformed its predecessor by 23% in the single core benchmark tests.

iPad Air 2 in a Nutshell

Besides the powerful chip, the iPad Air 2 delivers 16, 64 and 128 GB variants, an 8-MP shooter on the back of the device. The camera also comes with some great features such as burst mode, panorama and HDR.

Price and Reliability

The iPad Air 2 sure feels like a great device, considering all the attributes it carries. The iPad Air 2 is the slimmest tablet, the most powerful iOS device and one of the cheapest iPads. With price set at $399 for the basic version, the device is affordable for most people. The battery life of the iPad Air 2 delivers 10 hours of usage.

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