With the ever increasing threats to personal privacy, users of mobile phones are finding WhatsApp safety setting invaluable in eluding snoopers, hackers and plain curious people.

For once, the users can enjoy chatting without looking over their shoulders. Here’s why.

Lock your WhatsApp

To stop prying eyes from viewing what you are up to, you can employ the WhatsApp Lock if you are an Android user. Blackberry owners can enjoy this service by going to Lock for WhatsApp.

In a nutshell, both functionalities work the same. They request the user to key in a password or a pin that will be used to unlock the phone during retrieval of the messages. WhatsLock is protected by a PIN while WhatsApp Lock is protected by a password.

It is important to use strong passwords and PINs that are not predictable by the people you are avoiding. Some commonly used PINs you should avoid are your phone number, year of birth or your nickname.

You are also advised to change passwords and PINs after some time so that they will not be cracked by someone who may be tracking you. Be ahead of the game, always.

Recovering Lost Data

Sometimes we mistakenly delete old messages while at other times it is deliberate, so that we can create space for new messages and multimedia files.  You can now recover deleted messages from the last 24 hours up to the last 7 days. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

For online data retrieval, go to the Retrieve Messages tool. With this tool you can forensically get access to both deleted pictures and messages. It is available for both iPhone and Android users. It also enables you to recover lost emails.

Additionally, type ‘msgstore.db.crypt’ to carry out backup searches for quick retrieval of lost data. You will have to key in the name of the message, year, month and day so that the request can be processed.

It is important to keep a PC backup just in case the phone retrieval does not work as planned. Thus, as a matter of wisdom, copy the files you wish to retrieve first on your PC or Mac Book.

Once you are done, go to the Retrieve Message homepage and accept the terms of use. Select the file you wish to be scanned and it will appear on the display.

Using WhatsApp without your Number

WhatsApp respects your preference to remain anonymous. You can go anonymous if you are chatting with people you do not know or you wish not to reveal your number to. Simply follow these simple tricks.

If you already are using WhatsApp, uninstall it and keep the files in your SD card then download the application afresh and reinstall.

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