Windows 10 will not be released until the middle of 2015, but why was it announced and previewed at the exclusive San Francisco event?

At the event, Microsoft referred to Windows 10 as “one family, one product, one store”, with other words the upcoming Windows will run on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The spokesman of Microsoft said that the preview of the OS that was showed on September 30 was just a little preview of what Windows 10 is capable of doing. So, what you should know about the upcoming Windows 10?

Yes it’s Windows 10, not Windows 9

Many people expected that the next Windows will be named Windows 9, since the latest Windows platform was Windows 8. However, it seems that Microsoft decided to go straight to 10.

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will be a unique platform that will unify OS across tablets, smartphones and PC.

The Start Menu is finally back

One of the most requested things, the Start Menu button, is finally back. A lot of Windows 8 users didn’t enjoy their OS to the fullest because of that. Even if Microsoft released Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1, they still didn’t bring the Start Menu back to Windows 8.

This is why most of Windows 8 stopped using the OS, while some decided to install third-party programs that will substitute the Start Menu button.

However, in Windows 10, the button is finally back and if you click on it, you will not see only the normal left column, but on the right side you will notice the shortcuts to the Windows Store applications. You will also be able to resize the start menu, start menu titles and the windows store applications too.

The search box located on the start menu will not look only in your PC, but it will also give you results on the web.

Windows virtual desktops

As it was rumored, Windows 10 will be able to create multiple desktops that you can switch between. You will see the multiple desktops across the bottom of the screen, each of them represented by smaller set of thumbnails.

What’s the idea with the multiple desktops? You can keep your work things separated with your personal things. For example, on a desktop you will open Facebook, messenger, email, etc., while on the other virtual desktop you can open work documents, work email, etc. Another scenario is when you are at work and you play a video game, but you notice your boss is coming and you switch back to the “work” virtual desktop so that he can’t notice you playing from work.

Windows 10 enterprise edition

Microsoft is trying hard to bring the enterprises that use Windows 7 to the Windows 10, since they failed to do that on Windows 8. Windows 8 came with new styles, confusing separation of programs and applications which made a lot of companies to think twice before upgrading to Windows 8.

It seems that Microsoft has made Windows 10 more like Windows 7 user friendly, to make the big companies finally upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

A new snap assist

We all enjoyed the snap assist that debuted back when Windows 7 was released. Now, Windows 10 comes with a new snap assist that will help you move around applications and folders with ease. So, for example if you drag an application or a folder to the left side you will “snap” it. A new window will pop-up on the other part of the screen, suggesting what other folders you have opened and that you are able to put in the right side. So, this way you will organize things easier and faster without having to manually resize all the folders and applications to be able to see them all at once.

A new Task View

You will notice the Task View button on the bottom left side of the screen, next to the start button. Once you open Task View, you will be able to add several numbers of virtual desktops by using the “+” sign. In case you are using too many applications at once and you want to organize things a bit, Task View will be very useful for you.

Windows 10’s preview can already be downloaded from Microsoft website and the OS will be fully released in the middle of 2015. We will probably hear more about Windows 10 at the upcoming Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco in April 2015.

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