Google has recently released a new Nexus smartphone and a tablet so it was about time they introduced the new Android 5.0, which received the codename Lollipop.

Android 5.0 gets a few interesting specs and “Material Design”, which brings a more intuitive and attractive interface, new fonts, new special effects, more natural transitional effects and improved visuals.

It also brings improvements on the notifications’ side. You cannot reply to messages directly from the lock screen, it brings a Priority that is activated in one of the volume buttons, and if you are in an application, eg a game, and someone will call, the call will not close the game or that application. You can set an interval in this way to work or you can turn on and off manually.

Additional improvements were also made on the battery side, so the new Android is lighter to use, customers earning up to 90 minutes of battery life. On the security side, it encrypts the data, is less vulnerable to malware thanks to the SELinux and, moreover, you can pair your tablet or phone with another device such as a clock or even your car via Android Smart Lock function.


Now I will briefly mention the other benefits of the new OS, and if you want to know more you link directly to the Google page where you studied some good times. The new OS brings 64-bit support, suitable for applications that know how to run 64 bit such as Gmail, Chrome, Youtube or Music.


It has audio output for 5.1 or 7.1 devices, RAW formats support, you can connect USB microphones and you can create accounts for multiple users per device. For example, you can create a user for you and a guest user to a friend who does not want to let him see your personal information.


Now there are also more ways of securing your device. Users get the possibility to create a guest account just as in Windows, which can be used by foreigners. Guest accounts will have limited interaction with the system, being unable to change system settings in the absence of password.


Responsiveness is another feature of the new Android 5.0 lollipop. As such, users can start a certain task and continue it later on a compatible device for as long as background synchronization is turned on. This feature also targets smartwatch owners, who will now have improved control over the Android OS and will be able to constantly switch from one device to another, even when it comes to composing messages.


Android 5.0 will draw less battery juice for connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi due to a new scanning and selection engine. Additionally, it will come with control for Android-based TVs and will be able to be set up in just few seconds thanks to a smart recognition engine.


A revolutionary feature is also Tap & Pay, which means that users will be able to make their favorite payments more easily on the go. Security will always be assured thanks to the pin code and password facilities.


The new Android 5 will be available on all terminals released on Google: Nexus 4, 5, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), the new models and even the recent Google Play Edition phones.

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