Once more iPhone does its big flashy entrance with yet another addition to their array of smart gadgets, the iPhone 6.

They even dedicated a live event to this new release, followed by a parade of eager loyal apple fans waiting to get their hands on the new goodie. At the same time, Sony launched their new Xperia Z3 compact, which I’m sure not many of us have heard of (heck, some of you could be reading about it for the first time!). Nonetheless, let’s get straight to the point; from a smartphone photographer’s point of view, would you go for the iPhone 6 camera? I prefer Sony Xperia Z3.

The Megapixel Wars

It takes a keen look at things to see why the Xperia overshadows iPhone’s camera. From a glance, Z3 Compact is packing more pixels for the avid photographer, a total 20.7 megapixels to capture as much detail as possible on the subject. We cannot say the same for iPhone 6 plus, apple has refused to budge from its trademark 8 megapixel spectrum. If you love detail in your images you already have an idea where this is going, but don’t place your bet yet there is still more to the story!

How Many Photos can You Store?

Life for the on-the-go photographer is all about Snap! Snap! and more Snap! More images means more storage needs because ‘every photo counts’; just ask any enthusiastic photographer. So let’s look at both the iPhone 6 and Xperia Z3; both smartphones start you off at 16GB internal capacity to a maximum of 32GB on both sides. However here is the catch, Sony Xperia Z3 can take in additional memory via the microSD card slot. Apple as usual doesn’t like their gadgets modified in any way, so you are stuck at 32GB.

Snap Speed

How fast can you take multiple shots of different subjects? Apple has always had the upper hand in super fast capture and processing speeds for images. But this is bound to change noticing that the Xperia Z3 compact boasts of 2.5GHz processing speed compared to iPhone 6’s 1.4 GHz. Simply put, I can take a photo and have it processed and stored in a blink with the Z3, faster than you can say ‘Hey Siri’ on iPhone 6.

Battery Life

How long the phone holds power has always been an issue for the avid photographer. Personally, I would love a smartphone that gives me hours of adventure snapping the canyon caverns, the Petrified Forest and Sedona’s Oak Creek. After this wild adventure, I still need enough power for post processing, uploads on Instagram and maybe a late evening chat telling my buddies how great my Arizona trip was. The Sony Xperia Z3 holds up to 2600 mAh of battery life, the iPhone 6 holds up at 1800mAh. You be the judge!

The Underwater Dare

You already know the answer to this; Sony takes home the prize. Just like its predecessor, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z3 compact boasts of impressive waterproof abilities, rated at IP55. Once in a while every photographer wants to pull a never-seen-before stunt with their smartphone, and epic underwater still moments can garner thousands of likes on Instagram or Tumblr. The Xperia Z3 can take a dive up to 1 meter, at this level the iPhone 6 screen would already be dead!

When all is said and done, it always boils down to specs when it comes to smartphone photography. Comparing both gadgets side by side, the conclusion is simple; Sony Xperia Z3 compact is way better as a mobile photographer’s new gadget.

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