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Google Maps to Apple Maps to Waze – Overview of the Features and Guidelines

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Navigation and map apps have suddenly become some the most used applications for smartphones.

Currently, there are many options when it comes to maps and navigation applications ranging from Google Maps to Apple Maps and now Waze. Most people who find themselves stuck in traffic and would rather avoid it all together, have now found the perfect solution in Waze. When you are able to avoid traffic getting to your destination becomes easy. Waze operates in a similar way to other available navigation maps, but it is made unique by the fact that it is community powered.

Waze is available for the various operating systems making it a cross platform application. It is free to download and using it is also free of charge. This application gives turn by turn directions and at the same time offers the user tips about the route they have taken and which routes to avoid. Presently, the application has 200 million subscribers and counting.

How the Application Works

The app is differentiated from the rest by the fact that it gives traffic updates in real time. Its GPS is also voice enabled. Because it is community powered, other drivers on the road who use the application provide information to Waze. Once you activate Waze, it automatically connects you too other Waze users and simultaneously collects information about your route and provides it to you in real time.

Waze’s Features

Design and Accessibility

Just by looking at Waze, you will get to see that it comes with more features than other available navigation apps available. The application has been made with simple and easy to use cartoon-like interface. At the same time, it has the ability to offer dependable real-time traffic updates.

Waze has 45 degrees view on the road by default. This is different from the top-down offered by other navigation apps.

Drivers can easily read the navigation details provided. They appear in large fonts with different colors that are better suited for either day time or night. If the writing isnot clear, you can use the voice feature that comes with Waze.

Waze has an icon that displays information relevant to your location like gas stations, speed cameras, police and traffic jams making driving a wonderful experience. If you do not need this information, you can switch off the alerts.

Waze Audio Accessibility

The default voice avatar is a British female. The voice has top notch clarity and audibility. However, you can change the voice to a different accent to suit your preference. It also comes with the option of either a male or female voice and you can pick between American and British English. You can download these voices for free to use under a Waze platform. Information given by the avatar is also displayed on the screen and any problems regarding clarity are promptly corrected.

With Waze, you finally have a way to avoid getting stuck in traffic, especially when you are in a hurry.