Best iPhone Apps of this year

Apple’s iPhone has always been an attractive Smartphone that has managed to stay on the top position for several years now. It is one of a kind Smartphone model that supports an extensive range of features. It has been the game changer with its impeccable design, perfect features and high tech facilities. Many new applications come into the market now and then specifically designed for iOS operating system of iPhone. These apps provide for an extensive range of usage and maximize iPhone user experience to a considerable extent.

Apps are constantly upgraded from time to time in order to keep pace with the current day requirements. New editions of the apps are also released for better usage and compatibility with the latest operating system. iPhone apps are known to touche upon extensive areas of functionalities including gaming, trips and travels, payment, banking and much more.

Here are some popular iPhone apps that have been released this year.

  • All recipes

This is a perfect foodie app. If you relish having tasty and healthy food and wants to get yourself organized in the perfect way then this app is for you. Just by shaking your iPhone, you will get to know some of the best recipes possible. You will be provided with the ingredients, cooking methods and everything you need to know to cook the dinner. It is a perfect dinner planning app that opens you up to a whole new lot of recipes in different styles and flavors.

  • Circa News

News keeps pouring in each day and each minute and it is quite hard to keep yourself updated with the current happenings. You need to spend your precious time and energy if you want to stay on track which is not possible always. This is where Circa News comes in handy. With this iPhone app, you will be notified of all the current, important news that is going around you so that you do not miss out on anything. You will be provided with snippets from time to time and you can choose to get deep into particular news.

  • Find my iPhone

It is quite hard to come out of the feeling of losing your precious and expensive phone and you will be prepared to do anything to get it back now. With Find My iPhone app, you can find some relief finally. You could have misplaced your iPhone on car, couch or any area. The app will help you locate your phone within few minutes. You can send message for the founder to get in touch with you and can delete all the data in the phone. It is also possible to lock the phone so that no one gains access to it.

These are some of the popular iPhone apps editions for this year. These apps have seen a number of downloads this year. Some of the apps are available for free whereas some of the apps need to be bought for a price. You can pick the app that best serves your purpose and interest.

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