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Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One Edition Dominates UK Charts


Being in the top line-up of the sales charts is one of the most difficult feats to achieve but Mojang in association with 4J Studios has made it possible, not just once but for a couple of weeks together.

Ever since its launch around the globe Minecraft PS4 has been dominating the charts for many days now with ease.Even though, the first position is still being held strong by Electronic Arts release FIFA 15, the second position is reserved for Minecraft.

It has to be noted at this point that the game’s console version was really delayed because Mojang was not sure about moving from a PC audience to a console audience in the past, almost about two years ago. They tested the waters by releasing it on Xbox 360 console but it took one year for the game’s Sony Playstation 3 version to come out. We are glad that they didn’t make such delays for the next gen version and it is good to see the game doing so well in the charts.

Topping Charts

While many new titles got launched including Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation and Evil Within, industry experts are still baffled by the sales records set by FIFA 15. The soccer game has gone big this time around on next gen and closely following is Minecraft PS4.

The game saw a massive sales lift with over an 86 percent boost and from the way things are going, it is assured that the block building title is going to go a long way on the new generation of powerful hardware released by Microsoft and Sony. The Minecraft Xbox One edition of the game is also in the charts breaking good records but it is only in the twelfth place but it is good to see two different Minecraft games finding their respective places in the list.

Sony Support Will Continue

For some of you who were worried that Microsoft purchasing Mojang will end the game on Sony platforms including Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita, Xbox One division head Phil Spencer confirmed that they never had such plans. They completely respect the community and the way they have helped the indie title grow to such an extent. He also commented that the purchase has been made for over two billion dollars and they aim to cater to them all so as to remain successful as always. Minecraft PS4 may not have a sequel for now until there’s a demand, he added.