Just before the speculations and expectations have settled down, rumors regarding iPhone 7 have already started off in full swing.

iPhone turns out to be one of the most favorite mobile phone models for several years now and it has managed to stay in the top slot for quite some time now. Though many new mobile phone models with advanced features, facilities supporting the best operating system are coming up in the market, iPhone has not gone down on its popularity. This is mainly because Apple has made sure to keep up with its demand by providing customers with the best possible, usable features.

Though there is nothing concrete or official about iPhone 7’s release, Apple has already send out some feelers that it is set to release iPhone 7 once it is done with the present iPhone 6. iPhone 6 model has garnered much attention in the past few months and its features and facilities have been extensively discussed in the online platform. We now know what to expect out of iPhone 6 and the next thing to focus will be iPhone 7.

It is hard to resist from joining the crowd to discuss about the new iPhone and here are few things discussed surrounding the model.

It is believed that iPhone 7 would be released worldwide at the later part of 2015 as the proposal has been made already. It just needs to take form once the current iPhone 6 model is done.  The iPhone 7 version will come with a 4.7 inches display as in the case of the current model and it will not go to make a bigger display. Other additional features can include a major haul in the camera. The camera quality is expected to be exceptional and several times better than the iPhone 6 model. It is also known to support a lot of extra features for bringing out the best picture possible.

Apart from that, the new model can come with wireless charging feature. This is not available with the current iPhone 6 model but is found to be present in the Apple Watch.  There are also changes expected in the design front but some believe that there will not be much change done to the design aspect. It will retain its current design. One major change expected with design of iPhone 7 is the thick side wall displays.

Many interactive features and touch sensitivity aspects are also included with the iPhone 7 model side walls making it absolutely stylish and attractive. It is also designed to last long and sustain rough usage. The charger is expected to be new and different from the previous ones.

All of these details regarding design, features and other areas of iPhone 7 are just a result of widespread speculations and there is no sort of confirmation regarding this from Apple so far. In order to know if this is what it really offers, we need to just sit back and relax until the new age model is unveiled for global audience.

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