Google’s Android has created a huge buzz in the past few years and this operating system supports a wide range of applications surrounding various arenas. Each year, many new apps are being released that are specifically designed for Android or Android-compatible. This is because Android has become one of the widely used operating system that supports lots of interesting features at one go.

Here are some of the most popular apps created for Android.


One of the major issues faced by Android users is that the operating system comes with two email apps – one for Google and the other app covers everything else. The CloudMagic app combines these two into a single app that supports an extensive range of features offered by Gmail, Yahoo and other such email platforms. It also facilitates interaction with other apps.

Chrome Remote Desktop


This is one of the most useful apps that provide for free, simple and easy to use Chrome Remote desktop. If you have chrome browser then there is no need for any special software to use it on the device. It turns out to be quite handy and facilitates sending and receiving files easily and quickly.

Road Ninja


This is a great app that opens you up with wide range options that lies before you in the road trip. The app will show you the restaurants, shops and other such places at each spot well before you reach there. This will help you in choosing the best restaurant or shop instead of going for what is available first when you enter the specific place.



This is an ideal app if you wish to pass some time. The app will help you pick programs and videos from popular sources like ESPN and others. The best part is that it does not play any annoying ads in between. You can easily navigate to other videos. It works like typical TV allowing you to surf through the channels. The app is free to use. So, next time you are bored and do not know what to do this app will come in handy and get you out of boredom.

Current Caller ID


The Smartphone you use cannot be able to detect calls from unknown source but with this app, you can spot the incoming call details and get to know who is calling you. It acts as a perfect caller ID and helps you spot telemarketing calls as well. You can also get to know the social networking updates of your recent contacts apart from getting to know the weather condition of your place.

These are five of the popular Android apps that provides for a greater user experience. The apps are known to come with an extensive range of features and sometimes provides for multiple functions, simplifying your requirements. You can check for the reviews of these apps for Google Play store before installing them into your computer. There is no limit to the number of apps that comes up for Android and these apps get updated quite often.

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