Xbox One is fast becoming the most sought after gaming console as it facilitates playing some of the best, interesting games. The most attractive aspect about the gaming console is the fact that it supports an extensive range of game touching upon various genres.  It comes with advanced media functionalities and turns out to be an ideal gaming platforms for all age groups.

Xbox One comes across as a perfect combination of extensive range of games that brings out a whole new thrilling experience. Let us take a look at some of the most popular games of Xbox that has managed to keep players hooked.


Chariot is one of the hot and happening games in the Xbox series that has captured the attention of gamers to a considerable extent. The humor game has been on the top spot ever since its released on October 1st. The game is about a princess who carries the dead King’s funeral wagon to the final destination and is faced with many hardships in the course of travel. The game is about how the princess gains wealth while traveling through the place and reach the destination without getting defeated by the enemies. The game supports excellent 2D graphical features, brings in live and interesting characters and comes up with exceptional discovery themes.


Evolve is a yet to be released game on Xbox one. It is a shooter game that supports a wide range of shooting options. It is about four different hunter classes called Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support who join hands as a team in order to fight against giants and monsters. It comes with some exceptional graphics that would keep you interested and engaged in the game for a longer period of time.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age would require the player to take the form of inquisitors to lead a legendary team of players who strive to bring out the truth regarding the destruction that is set to occur. The game is expected to be released on November 18, 2014. It seems to be an ideal game for those who wish to get deep into a game of mystery and quest.

Far Cry

Far Cry is yet another interesting game on Xbox where players need have to survive in a place called Kyrat, which is a wild area of Himalayas. You need to manage living in the place with a self-appointed, ruthless King. The game facilitates usage of animals, vehicles and weapons which adds up to the interest factor.

These are some of the popular games from the long list of Xbox games. Each month, several new games keep coming up to be added to the already existing list of Xbox games. Totally, there are over 300 Xbox games to be played and new games keeps coming up every now and then. If you are an avid gamer who wishes to experience a fresh, new thrill with gaming then this is perfect for you. You will find all genres games to play which will keep you hooked up all along.

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