Both Samsung Galaxy Note and Apple iPhone 6 turns out to be having neck to neck competition since its release. Both the products released more or less at the same time and it is quite difficult to restrain from comparing the product specifications of the two products. Here let us take a look at the two models and know what they have got to offer.

Screen space

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with more screen space than iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with 5.3 inch screen space whereas iPhone model provides 5.5-inch screen space. Though iPhone has got big display, it is not up to the range of Samsung Galaxy screen space.


Samsung Note 4 has Super AMOLED display that provides for crystal clear view of the contents. It has higher contrasts and portrays colors in an attractive manner. The IPS display of iPhone 6 is equally good and is known to add up to extraordinary display clarity.

Fingerprint sensors

iPhone 6 works on the touch mode whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works on swipe mode. The touch mode of iPhone is known to be easier to use as it is more responsive and facilitates quick navigation. Samsung’s swipe feature requires you to try two to three times to function sometimes.

Quick charging

Samsung Note 4’s battery charges quite fast and would go from 0 to 50% in just half an hour and it just takes 99 minutes for the battery to get full. On the other hand, iPhone 6 is known to have higher battery life and withstands for 10 hours even after regular surfing and browsing of the internet.

Side by Side multitasking

Samsung Note 4 comes with split screen multitasking facility which enables you to use several apps at a time. You can also keep many windows open and easily navigate through the various areas. It is quite shocking to know that iPhone 6 has not come up with this particular feature.

Storing capacity

iPhone 6 is known to come with a better storing space when compared to Samsung Galaxy and this is an important feature to note. Samsung holds a storage space of 32GB and 64GB whereas Apple iPhone 6 has a storage space of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

When both the products are compared, it can be understood that Samsung Note 4 has got more features to offer and iPhone 6 has better usability for the available features. Both Samsung Note 4 and iPhone 6 had excellent opening in the market and are doing quite well in terms of sales. Reviews for the two models have also turned out to be exceptionally good with only little issues here and there. The high-tech phablet and mobile phone not only come with attractive features but they also turn out to be sleek, stylish and elegant. On the whole, we can say that both iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have managed to live up to the expectations that it had been creating amongst tech-lovers.

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