The Temple Run 2 game is a follow-up game to the original Temple Run game.

This latest version comes with improved features and gameplay to make it more interesting. The whole game revolves around survival. Players need to strive to survive to be able to run for longer and ultimately score higher.

Below are easy survival tips that can go a long way in ensuring you run for longer and score higher in Temple Run 2.

Jumping before Cliff Hangers

Cliff hangers are simply parts of the game where one part of the cliff is completely destroyed, leaving only one safe side to run on. To ensure you do not fall off the cliff and die, always jump before you reach the cliff hanger. When in the air, lean towards the safe side of the cliff as this is where you will land.

This is a great trick, especially if you have been running for long and the speed has increased. Jumping and leaning on the safe side when in the air gives you enough time and ability to land safely and hence continue with the run.

Learning the Jump and Slide Combos  

When you start playing Temple Run 2, learning the jump and slide combos should be one of the things, you aim to learn how to do. When you go further in your runs, obstacles come closer to the turns. Since it is possible to turn a corner while jumping or sliding, you can use this tactic to avoid coming into contact with obstacles around the corners. This ultimately maintains your momentum, which is crucial for a high score and distance scores.

Jumping to Evade Double Obstacles

Your chances of dying in the game increase when you are faced with double obstacles back to back. Most of the time, these obstacles are a spiked wheel and a river. If you time your jumps just right, it can be enough to evade both obstacles at once. You should time your jump just at the final moment of coming close to the obstacle. Once you jump from this position, you can clear both obstacles at the same time.

Making Smart Use of Powerups

There are some powerups that are better when it comes to collecting coins, longer runs and higher scores. If you are interested in acquiring more coins and higher scores, the coin magnet is a great power up to use and is unlocked at level 5. To be able to reach level 5, you need to complete a series of objectives in other levels. With the coin magnet, you can unlock your abilities faster as you end up collecting more coins, which are used to unlock and upgrade abilities.

If you want to run for longer, the ‘boost’ power up is also a great idea. This power up allows the player to run faster while avoiding all obstacles when the power-up is activated.

Mastering the Minecrafts

The Minecraft areas are the most difficult areas to run through if you do not know how to go about it. When running in the mine, do not focus on collecting gems and coins. Only collect the coins and gems you can and leave the rest. It is pointless to reach for coins and gems only to die before getting past the mine. Only lean when necessary as this avoids confusion when you need to lean.

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