Google has released a major update to the Google Maps application bringing about a number of amazing new features such as improved navigation, saved maps and locations, options to explore places and much more.

Explore Nearby Places

The “Explore” feature of Google Maps lets you discover the places in your area, where it is available. To have a quick look at the places nearby, you are required to simply tap the Explore button placed at your map’s bottom right corner.

Explore plays the role of a guide and lets you know the different places and activities taking place around an area at a particular moment throughout the day. One can use this feature to browse other cities and neighborhoods also.

One can decide what “nearby” means for them. For instance, you can look for places located at a five-minute walk or a 15 minute drive. The nearby places change according to the weather and time of day that ensures best results when one is signed in having location reporting and history switched on.

You can get even more relevant information about your present location by tapping on the “My Location” button located at the bottom right corner or on the blue dot on the map. It lets you access information such as restaurant reviews and transit schedules and lets you save the place for later. As you confirm your visited places over time, your location experience will improve.

Application Offline Mode

Google Maps lets you save maps and access them offline later when your device is not having an active internet connection. TO save a map, you simply have to tap the profile button located in the right corner, scroll down, select the “Offline maps” mode and choose the desired map. One can save a region as big as the Paris metro area and up to 6 offline maps can be saved. The application asks the user to zoom in and save again if the chosen area is too large.

As long the GPS of the device is enabled, one can make use of a number of features in offline mode without an active internet connection after saving the maps. While browsing a map, one can type “OK Maps” in the search box to save that map for offline use. There are some features of Google Maps such as satellite, indoor, terrain maps, 3D buildings, directions and navigations that are not available to be used in the offline mode.

Navigation – Let Google guide you

Google Maps features a navigation system that works only when the device is connected to the internet. The user receives vocal instructions to turn left, right, keep straight and other road directions according to their present location and the route is displayed on the screen as well.

You just have to write the name of the destination and the application will guide you to get there once it recognizes it. You can even give voice commands while stuck in traffic. The app even lets you receive views from another Android device about a specific location. While navigating, you can get a Street view or a Satellite view.

Google Maps offers frequent updates for the Android and iOS mobile users letting them enjoy a better user experience.

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