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GoPro Hero 4 Feature 4K Video Shooting and Best Specs for Camera


The most progressive GoPro ever, the GoPro Hero 4 will come with confirmed 4k video shoot features.

The Hero 4 Black features an improved image quality, 2x powerful processor also with 2x faster video frame rates. The high resolution 4k30 and 2.7k50 video and high frame rates at 1080pixel 120 video allows you to take immersive and stunning footage of yourself and of your surroundings from every angle. There is also a new Protune settings for both photos and video unlock which controls exposure, ISO limit and color as well. However, some features that appear on the Hero4 Black won’t appear in the Hero4 Silver model.

Hero4 Black

This is a powerful camera that takes action to another level thanks to its features that double the action and execution of the previous GoPro. The Black captures 4k video at 30 frames per second compared to 15fps of the earlier GoPros which ensures quality images for different applications. It is however incapable of reaching 240fps and for still photos, you can shoot 12 megapixel images at 30 -fps.

The available key resolutions and framing rates are;

  • 4K at 30 -fps
  • 7K at 50 -fps
  • 1440p at 80 -fps
  • 1080p at 120 -fps
  • 960p at 120 -fps
  • 720p at 120 -fps.

The audio capture feature is also reinforced with the new system now capable of capturing twice the dynamic range. The camera has 3 setting modes, Narrow, Medium and Ultra Wide and on the front, there is an ultra wide-angle lens made of glass. For both videography and photography, the manual settings allows you to control color, exposure and ISO limit.

The Black Hero4 is a waterproof camera and also includes;

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Exposure settings for night shooting
  • Bluetooth
  • HiLight Tag feature for highlighting key moments
  • Auto low light features
  • A quick capture mode to power up and record with one press button. This allows you to take epic shots and capture time lapse photos.

Hero4 Silver

The Silver lacks the 4k video capabilities at 30 -frames each second but still records at 15fps. It is also the first in the line of GoPro to have an inbuilt touch display that allow users to use the camera by reviewing content and framing shots by simply swiping and tapping the screen. For still images, the Silver matches the Black shooting 12 megapixel photos at 30 -fps

The key resolutions for video include;

  • 4K at 15 -fps
  • 7K at 30 -fps
  • 1440p at 48 -fps
  • 1080p at 60 -fps
  • 960p at 100 -fps
  • 720p at 120 -fps

Other accessories

Alongside the GoPro Hero4 you will also get a blackout case that gives the camera a dull black finish and low-glare shooting capabilities. There is also removable battery unit that gives more power, a dual charger for powering up the two battery packs at the same time, a wearable remote that is waterproof and grip that keeps the camera afloat. In terms of retroflex compatibility, both the Hero4 Black and Silver are compatible with all the GoPro amounts and accessories.

Generally, the GoPro Hero 4 will come with confirmed 4k video shoot features and other specs that makes it a powerful camera. Whether you are shooting in different light modes, during the day or at nighttime you can customize the settings to match your preferences. The high resolutions will result to high quality photos and where you need simple navigation features, the camera also provides that.