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Minecraft PS4 – How to Beat the Game and Come Out with Flying Colors?

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Finally, the long awaited Minecraft PS4 edition is in the market.

This game was released a few weeks ago, and it makes it possible for players owning PS4 to be able to enjoy the sandbox experience on their systems. Players can expect a massive game on the PlayStation 4. While it is easy for players to build their first house and craft their first pickaxe, the game is rather deep, and it does come with an end-boss and an ending. However, the ending does not in any way restrict players, but it comes with a load of benefits and is, therefore, worth the player’s time.

For most players, getting to the end of this game is a major task. However, with this Minecraft PS4 walk-through, it will be much easier to enjoy the game and ultimately beat it to the end.

How to Beat This Game

The first thing every player should think of when starting to play this game on the PS4 is building a shelter and gaining access to a mine. Getting these two things is fairly simple and they make the journey a lot easier.

The second thing the player should consider gathering is enough iron to create iron armor and also a pickaxe, shovel or sword. These come in handy when you need to do a bit of mining in the future. Also, the player will be facing monsters in his journey, and the armor can come in handy at such times.

What Should The First Moves Be?

The first mission you should consider is killing Enderman. For those who are new to this game, Enderman is a natural spawning, horrifying monster with the ability to provide the ender pearl, which is important to the player. While there is no easy way of killing this monster, persistence and searching can quickly rack up the kill count for this monster. The best time to hunt and kill Enderman is during the night.

As you gather your ender pearl collection by night, you can use the day time to collect other items that are important such as blaze rods. To be able to acquire these rods, you will need to go to the nether. This can be done using 10 obsidian pieces. These pieces will be placed in the shape of a door before setting them on fire using a flint and steel. This will create a portal that leads to the nether, which leads to a Minecraft plane that is demonic, highly flammable and filled with new mobs.

From the mobs, you need to find the blaze that can be located in the nether fortress. They are simply purple structures that are too large to miss. You need to work your way to one blaze mob as you kill them in succession. Each one you kill will drop the blaze rod. You only need 10 blaze rods. Once you have collected ten of them, you can head back to the over-world via the portal.

Gather Ender Pearls and Combine With Blaze Rods

Once you are back to the over-world, you need to gather at least 15 ender pearls. Once you have the ender pearls and the blaze rods, you can combine them to create the eye of Enders, which makes it possible for you to find the portal to the end of the game.