Do you have what it takes to become the greatest Pirate King of all time?

It takes hard work, but remember, Blackbeard didn’t grow his beard in a day! Use these simple tricks and tips to help you plunder vast quantities of grog and gold so you can expand your pirate empire across the seas and challenge all your friends and foes with the mightiest pirate armies.

To get anywhere in “Plunder Pirate” you’ll need plenty of gold to buy upgrades and grog to keep your Pirates happy!

A good tip to for when you start off

collect gold and grog as they appear occasionally. There is a limit on how much you can collect at any one time so don’t let the opportunity slip by.

Build a Gold Mine and a Grog Distillery to give your island a steady supply of gold and grog. Then later on you can upgrade them to give you larger streams of the good stuff. Then you should build a Grog and Gold storage to hold any excess resources. These are critical if you want to expand and gain access to better upgrades of other buildings in the game. Gold mines currently go up to level 10 and Grog Distilleries go up to level 11.

Upgrade them fully to start producing serious quantities!

It is important you do as many quests as possible.

They will open new areas and introduce more things to you and as you explore, you’ll find gold and grog on islands. If your gold and grog stores on your island are already full you won’t be able to get it now but remember where the islands are and go back and get it at a later date when you’ve got the space available. When returning to a previously visited island or exploring a new island remember that calm seas are faster travelled so take note when planning return voyages if your stores are running low.

If you don’t want to have to trek all the way back to islands for left behind gold or grog then you can upgrade your storage so that you can hold more resources like gold and grog for you. That way your overall haul can contain more gold and grog to be used later to build the bigger and better upgrades required elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can build multiple stores to hold all your resources. This handy tip means that when you upgrade all of them and fill them you will be swimming in grog and gold!

But do you know who else has gold and grog?

Your fellow pirates! A tip to keep in mind at all times is to keep an eye out for rival pirates. Undefended ships on long voyages are easy prey and easier gold. If they are too scared of you then take the initiative and go forth and loot and plunder other pirate islands and ships for their stores of gold and grog to add to your own. Just be careful you don’t leave your own island undefended for a sneak attack. You don’t want those giant piles you amassed to be stolen away.

By the time you’ve done all these things you’ll be the richest and drunkest pirate on all seven seas!

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