Smart watches (or watches very similar to these) used to be in the realm of espionage movies. Nowadays, your friends may own one, and be able to boast of all the fantastic features that were new in mobile phones just a decade ago. Be it Google, Apple, Sony or Samsung, they are introducing their own brands of watch phones which have taken a market share from already established tablets. But first let’s focus on Samsung Gear S vs Apple Watch vs Sony SmartWatch 3.

    1. Samsung Gear S


It only cost $299 and has got several features that would definitely attract both the Android users and non users as well. It’s packed with a 1.6 inch image viewer that can produce resolutions 320 x 320-pixels. It displays bright colors as well as high contrast. It also have built-in microphone and still speakers that enables the users to talk directly with its help. It’s armed with 1.9 megapixel camera and also a 750p HD video recorder which would be of great benefit for the photography fan.

It has got an onboard 300mAh battery that should provide a run time of up to two days. It doesn’t matter whether the screen is on or off. An included snap-on battery charger still has a bonus. An additional 350mAh battery that is built in offers an additional boost as well. Other features of this smart watch include:

  • Built-in memory is 4GB
  • Its operating system is Tizen
  • Has got built-in speaker
  • Has Bluetooth
  • Has got a vibration engine
    1. Apple Watch


Its design is not too far-off from the made-up renders which have been there recently. It actually draws inspiration from the ipod Nano that has got a rectangular-shaped screen and one knob and also a single button. Its display normally comes in two sizes that are measured by height, 38mm and 42mm. its screen is usually surrounded by casing that is made of alloys of both stainless steel and also aluminum that stands up the physical demands of the daily wear.

This particular smart watch is designed in a way that it can be worn all day long and is also simple to charge at night. The other points to note on Apple watch include:

  • Its operating system is the Watch OS.
  • Has got no front camera
  • Has got built-in speaker
  • Has no vibration engine
    1. Sony SmartWatch 3


It features a 1.6 inches and 320×320-pixel resolution display. Its crisp as well as colors are very good. It’s as well touchscreen unlike Sony SmartBand. Sony has in fact introduced a transflective display to this smartwatch in order to help the users to see it even in the bright sunlight.

It has got a 420 mAh battery that can make this smart watch to last between 2 to 5 days on a single charge. However, it depends on the kind of usage of the users. Other features include:

  • It weighs 45 g
  • Has an active screen which is always on
  • Its RAM is 512MB
  • Has got a micro USB port

It’s up to you to look at these a little further to see which meets your needs but they really are a taste of the future, today.

Watches Samsung Gear S vs Apple Watch vs Sony SmartWatch 3