The HTC mobile phones brands are one of the most incredible and desirable smartphones in the market today.

Customized with a stylish design, fast performance specifications and excellent hardware features, the high tech HTC smartphone brands offers the best customer experience ever. Depending on your taste and personality you should compare different HTC smartphones in order to select the best option that perfectly suits your class.

The HTC one-M8 and HTC one-E8 are one of the best HTC smartphone models that have been so popular in the smartphone market today.

Most users who like this phone models are faced with the challenge of differentiating their features and specifications. Both HTC one-M8 and HTC one-E8 are very similar in their appearance but they vary in many different ways.

The design difference

-The ultimate design of both smartphone models is a key feature that helps to differentiate the phone models.

-The HTC one M8 comes with a stylish metal uni-body chassis that is made from lightweight aluminum metal compounds while HTC one E8 is made of polycarbonate materials that look less premium than the HTC one M8.

-The two phones are available in different colors: The M8 comes in arctic silver, metal grey and amber gold while the E8 is available in electric crimson, misty grey, polar white and Maldive blue colors.

-The E8 is a bit tiny and chunkier than the HTC M8

-HTC E8 plastic like components makes it to weigh at 145 grams while the M8 weighs 160 grams.

The storage difference

-The HTC one-M8 comes in both 16GB and 32GB memory cards while the E8 is only available in 16GB.

-Both phones supports up to 128GB of removable memory and you can advance the phone memory capacity once you buy any HTC model.

Camera difference

-The HTC one-M8 is fitted with 2 rear cameras known as duo camera setup. The duo camera allows you to change image focus and blurry the background a photo shoot out. In the HTC one-E8 you only get a single 13 mp rear camera that cannot perform most tasks of the M8 camera.

-When it comes to video coverage, the M8 proves to be a better choice and produces the best footage that is more dynamic than E8 single 13 mega pixel camera.

-With the exception of both model design, the camera features are the biggest difference between HTC one-E8 and HTC one-M8. The E8 misses out on the Duo camera setup and other features that comes with the M8.


-Both M8 and E8 support NFC and 4G networks along with staples such as wi-fi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0.

-The only difference between the HTC one-M8 and E8 connectivity is that M8 comes with a IR blaster that is not found in E8

Battery life

-Both smartphones comes with a 2600mAh that is well fitted at the back of the phone.

-When tested the HTC one-M8 has a better power saving mode than the HTC one-E8 and it tends to last longer.

If you are planning on buying one of the HTC smartphone model described above, consider the difference between the two models and use the analysis to come up with a perfect selection for your needs.

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