Messaging and communication has improved a lot with the growth in the internet.

Email has replaced the traditional mail whereas messaging and phone calls that were totally dependent on network providers are now being ruled by internet applications and messengers such as Line, Skype, Viber, WeChat and other similar service providers.

All such applications have their own individual features and serve different purposes.

Here is an interesting comparison between two leading applications WeChat and Line to find out which of the two is most useful for its users.

Comparing The Popularity

Line and WeChat were both launched in the year 2011 and have witnessed immense popularity since then. By the end of 2013, Line became the most popular app in Japan with more than 300 million users whereas WeChat user count was more than 600 million. Line is being used widely throughout the world but WeChat is hugely popular among the Chinese population. But WeChat is much popular as compared to Line because of the fact that China has more mobile users than America’s total population.

Comparing The Look and Feel

WeChat provides a much better interface than Line. WeChat sports a user-friendly, intuitive and natural interface whereas Line needs to bring about a number of improvements to the menu, duplicate functions and the placement of options. But, at the same time, WeChat doesn’t makes frequent or impressive updates to the app whereas Line provides better updates and keeps improving the various functions.

Comparing The Stickers

Stickers are a significant and fun component of messaging. Trending and better stickers attract more and more people very quickly. When it comes to comparing the stickers, Line is much better than WeChat. Line carries out sticker campaigns frequently for generating funds to be used for charitable purposes. It also makes great revenues by the sales of the stickers. A number of ambassadors have increased the popularity of Line stickers by promoting them significantly.

WeChat includes a limited amount of stickers in its Sticker Shop, but one thing that makes it more interesting and cheerful is the animated stickers. The animated stickers enhance the whole sticker experience and are found more interactive by the users. WeChat allows to preview an enlarged animated demo of a sticker before buying the set. Despite of the large sticker collection, Line is still behind when it comes to providing animated stickers.

Additional Features

Line has emerged out as a leader when it comes to the world of mobile commerce. LINE started a series of flash sales selling smartphone cases as well as several more ventures such as selling Maybelline lipstick. These events have been a fun experience for users. On the other hand, WeChat provides its users an interesting additional feature offering an extra option for connectivity by allowing them to connect using their LinkedIn accounts.

Both the messengers include some wonderful features and its hard for the users to choose one from the two. But, overall, WeChat seems to be more interactive and fun as compared to Line. It is totally the user’s personal preference to use either one of them, or both.

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