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Skype Free Download – Simple Tips and Tricks You Should Know


Skype has become one of the most popular ways of communicating online – many people love Skype simply because you can chat in so many ways.

Users can chat using video calls, voice calls, typing, and even a mixture of all three.

So as you can see, there is a lot that Skype can be used for. However, if you have recently installed Skype then you might be wondering whether you are using it to it’s full potential or not? Don’t fear, throughout this article we’ll be giving you some of the simple tips and tricks that every Skype user should know.

Sending Files (i.e. Documents, Images, Music)

How many times have you had a conversation with someone and told a story, referred to an image online, or referred to part of a certain song? We all do this throughout our day-to-day conversation and over Skype it’s no different. Sending files can be a great way to get your point across and ensure that the person on the other end knows exactly what you’re talking about. Sending files via Skype is also a great way to collaborate on work projects.

In order to send files through Skype, you will need to click a contact name in your address book. Then click on “Conversation” which is located on the top navigation menu, scroll down to “Send” and you should see another menu pop-up on the right. Move your mouse over to this menu and click “File…”. Windows Explorer should open up and you’ll be able to see all your files on your computer, simply choose a file and send it.

Add a Friend to Your Favorites

If you talk with certain people more often than others, chances are that you want to be able to locate these people much easier in your address book. Once you get 50+ contact names, it can definitely be a tedious process shifting through your address book just to find one name – some people might even find this tedious with 20-30 contact names.

To prevent this, first simply find the person’s name in your address book. Next you’ll want to right-click on their name, a pop-up menu should appear with a list of different options. Scroll up this menu slightly and you will see “Add to Favorites” quite close to the bottom of the menu.

This person will now appear in the “Favorites” category, which will also be located at the top of your address book. Now if you ever want to find someone who you have regular conversations with, you know exactly where to find them!

Adjust Your Notification Settings

Even though this might seem like a trivial detail, it can actually be extremely helpful, especially if you are planning to use Skype for work i.e. to conduct business meetings and talk with contractors. This simple adjustment will allow you to know exactly when a person in your address book comes online or goes offline, and much more.

First look at the menu at the very top of the Skype window, on the far-right you should see “Tools”. Click on this tab and then click on “Options…”, this will result in a pop-up menu appearing. On this pop-up menu you will see a lot of settings. By looking at the section on the left you should be able to see “Notifications”, click on this tab.

From here you can adjust your notification settings, you can be notified when a person comes online, goes offline, sends you a message, has a birthday and so much more! When you’re done, just click Save.

So next time you have a few spare minutes spend a little time to make sure you get the most out of Skype.