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Battlefield 4 – 3 Mistakes That EA Should Avoid With the Next Game


Electronic Arts has announced that they will be releasing Battlefield 4’s successor, which could be Battlefield 5 or something in that series in 2016.

That’s a solid two years of time to go but the publisher definitely has to make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistakes again. There is no word on whether DICE will be the developer or if some other company will be hired to do it. But, in a recent interview, the head of DICE said that they have already damaged their trust factor on gamers and they may have to work really hard to make sure they win over their fans again.

Based on these words, it is safe to assume that the upcoming game will be made by them and will be released in 2016 as confirmed. Meanwhile, the gap will be filled by Battlefield Hardline which is scheduled to come out in early 2015.

Bugs, Glitches – a Big No!

Battlefield 4 is now notoriously known as the most bugs filled game in EA history, because it never allowed players to games as intended. Most were simply frustrated with its system that got them killed even when someone was behind the wall or simply got stuck in between rubble for hours until they choose to commit suicide or just exit the server. These issues should never be repeated with Battlefield 5 at any cost because players would never accept another grave mistake as this one. The issues are being fixed through the community test environment now, but we don’t want such late reactions from EA or DICE.

New Maps

Rehashing old maps is fun and the community people will always be asking for such remakes. In Battlefield 4, there were DLC packs, which were completely dedicated to recreating the maps from Battlefield 3, but that’s not what everyone wants. There should be new maps and weapons to explore because these DLCs are fully paid and it has to justify the pricing.

Server Issues

The server issues were plenty and support from the developers was limited during the initial stages. No one knows what DICE was stuck up with because they said they are working on DLCs but the fact was no gamer was able to properly play even the base game. There is no point in working on new maps when you couldn’t login to servers and play, right? This should be fixed for sure so that a Battlefield 4 disaster doesn’t repeat again.