Truecaller has launched a new application that will enable its users to get more information about outgoing calls.

The new application is called Truedialer. This app will provide real time information to the user about outgoing calls.

The Truecaller database is rich in phone contacts due to the users uploading their phonebook in order to back up the caller identification. Another source of Truecaller data are third party data service providers such as Yelp and Twitter. Truedialer will rely on Truecaller’s existing wide range of user phone numbers to unmask the callers.

Free Truedialer Downloads

Truecaller is known for blocking spammers and scammers who may hold malicious intentions to call you. On the other hand, Truedialer warns the user about the status of the phone number they want to call. This is a departure from your voicemail notification where your mobile service provider tells you that the number you have dialed, is no longer in service or is inactive.  With Truedialer, you get to unmask the outgoing call in a moment’s flash before the call is placed.

There are more than a billion numbers in Truecaller database. By any standards, this is a huge reference point for the mobile phone directory. Truedialer is already available freely on Google Play Store for downloads. Android users are one of the first beneficiaries. Earlier in the year, Truecaller launched the smart dialer app (Truedialer) for Windows 8.

Definitely, the invention of Truedialer is seen as an attempt by Truecaller to render local phone book obsolete. Users will no longer have to rely on their contact lists to verify the identity of both their incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, the users will benefit from identifying both the name and the photo of the recipient.


Truedialer has been synchronized with Truecaller. This enables the users who have already installed Truecaller to have their contact details seen in Truecaller. In addition, it enables those who did not have Truecaller but have installed Truedialer also benefit from the existing database of Truecaller, making them to identify numbers saved in Truecaller servers as well as those in their phonebooks.

No Plans of Integration

Truedialer standalone will not be merged any time soon going by the information available on Truecaller website. This means that users will have to wait longer for a unified experience but will benefit from faster searches in Truedialer as opposed to Truecaller.

Truecaller boasts of over 85 million users globally. It is based in Stockholm and each day it receives over 250,000 new users and almost 125,000 are of Indian descent. Currently, about 40 million users originate from India meaning India is a potential expansion market for both Truecaller and Truedialer.

More Capital

Truecaller has in the recent past managed to raise about $ 60 million from Sequoia Capital and Atomico Investments. The funds will enable Truecaller position itself as the de facto caller directory for mobile phone users worldwide. In fact, Truecaller will have to monitor its new baby to ensure it does not flop as most standalone caller apps do. It may need to work extra hard to maintain Truedialer traction that Truecaller already enjoys.

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