4J Studios is gearing up for a massive title update 17, which could also be title update 20 based on the other two patches released in between and it is going to fix a lot of issues.

Instead of focusing too much on new features, they have made sure that all bugs, glitches and other issues that have been spoiling the game play experience are now fixed. The update focuses strongly on the save transfer concept that the developer recently added to their list of changes.

When Xbox One version of the game was released, Minecraft Xbox 360 players were really not sure about the change, because they may have to leave everything that has been created so far, including the maps, buildings, creative lands and so on. 4J earlier said that they may not be able to allow save transfers between two different consoles because of the increased world size but later accepted the change and made it possible for players. Some issues persisted in it and new features were requested which have been added now.

Save Transfer Fixes

Recently, players on Minecraft Xbox 360 have been repeatedly complaining about save transfers to the Xbox One not being properly carried out. Sometimes, it suddenly crashes or automatically closes without properly transferring the file to the new console. 4J Studios has duly noted this problem that has been posted on the community forums and has created a fix for it. The new update will make sure all your files are either retained on both the consoles or the host console, when a save transfer is being made.

The bug or glitch, whatever it is, has now been fixed. The developers have also introduced an all new option for Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One players. After spending so many hours in creating the perfect maps, sometimes the original file could get corrupted which is why they now allow players to take up a backup copy of the save files.

The copy save option on Minecraft Xbox 360 would allow players to save their worlds and just reload them in case the original file gets corrupted. Apart from this, multiple fixes are also part of the update which will also introduce some new features including the coveted Redstone, horses, mules, carrot on a stick, new zombies and much more, to make sure you never get tired of playing Minecraft, whatever your choice of platform is.

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