Minecraft has been around for quite a while and even if the game doesn’t have the best graphics it became very popular in short time. Now, the building blocks game is already on the next-generation consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it can be bought only from online stores. However, the disc-edition of Minecraft for the next-generation consoles will be soon released, which is exactly on November 18.

The next-generation edition of Minecraft features 36 times bigger worlds than are currently on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and according of some reviews from Amazon, it seems that many players enjoy the new edition of the game.

Another significant feature that came on Minecraft: Xbox One and Minecraft: PlayStation 4 editions, is that you can now save your world from your old Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and upload it to your Xbox One or PlayStation 4. So with other words, you will not have to start from scratch in case you are upgrading your Minecraft to your next-generation console.

At the same time, according to Metacritic.com, which is an website that makes reviews of video games and scores them, the Minecraft game got a 87 score out of 100 for the Minecraft: Xbox One edition and 88 out of 100 for the Minecraft: PlayStation Edition.

Even if there is a tiny bit of violence in Minecraft, the game is actually great for any age, and in fact there are many parents who play this game with their kids, building stuff with them. Minecraft is also known as a “lego” type of game, and we all know how kids enjoy building stuff from all types of boxes.

There are many players who are quite perfectionists when it comes to building stuff in this game, and actually a student spent about two years to create a model of New York that includes even the much missed World Trade Center. He named the city as “Titan City” and claimed that he was inspired by the New York City.

Bats and Wither boss will come soon on all versions of Minecraft

A few days ago, 4J Studios released an image of Minecraft on PS Vita an image on Minecraft running on a PS Vita device, with a jack-o lantern hanging and next to it two plush bats, which might meant that Bats and the Whiter Boss is coming on all versions of Minecraft soon. At the same time, 4J Studios confirmed that Xbox One, PS 4 and PS Vita will all update in the same time when it will happen.


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