The S Pen, now in its fourth generation has evolved into a productive tool if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fan.

If you’re familiar with the pen from the Note 3, you’ll already know what to do with it. So here are some of the changes to the Note 4.

The S Pen is capable of numerous impressive functions. Here’s an overview:

  1. Smart Select

You can use the S Pen to collect different pieces of content that appear on the Note 4 screen. Once you find the content you want to curate, open the air command panel. Do this by:

  • moving the S Pen close to the screen
  • clicking the S Pen button
  • tapping Smart Select
  • Dragging the S Pen across the content are and capturing it.

Tap the blue icon to collect multiple content.

  1. Image Clipping

Use the S Pen to draw shapes around the content you wish to share or save. When you want to capture a section:

  • Open the air command panel
  • Tap Image Clip
  • Draw around the area to select it using the S Pen

To reshape the area you have selected, choose the shape icon in your toolbar. The image will automatically be copied to the clipboard and you can click “share via” to share the image with your contacts.

  1. Writing or Drawing on Captured Screenshots

The S Pen is great for writing on screenshots. Once you’ve found content you want to capture:

  • Open the air command pane
  • Tap on “screen write”
  • When the editing toolbar appears, enter the text or drawings with your S Pen.

You can save the image to Scrapbook by tapping “share via” and selecting the Scrapbook app. If you want to share the image, choose the SMS app.

  1. Pen Select

The S Pen acts as a mouse when it comes to capturing text.

  • Press and hold the S Pen button
  • Drag the S Pen over the text
  • Copy and paste the selection into the app you want to use to share with others.
  1. Air Command

The Air Command Menu was a popular feature in the Galaxy Note 3 and has become an important part of the overall Note experience. At first glance it looks the same, complete with Image Clip, Screen Write and Action Memo options. But there are a few changes like the Action Memo’s S Note shortcut.

The biggest new Air Command feature is definitely the Smart Select function. This lets you use your S Pen like scissors. So you can cut out part of what’s showing on your display and save the snipes for a variety of purposes such as sending them in emails, texts and much more.

Final Word

These are just some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – what can you do with S Pen features. They’re the biggest changes for the new S Pen but overall the experience is pretty similar to the Note 3. There are just a few extra improvements with the Note 4. The most interesting of these changes is definitely the S Pen mouse function, but all subtle changes are useful.

Now; What’s has been your favorite S Pen feature with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

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