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Viber 4.0 Latest Release – 5 New and Important Features to Note


The new version of Viber 4.0 comes with enticing features that you may try and in the process like the upgraded release.

Dual Use

You can connect with Viber version 4.0 to two devices simultaneously. This can be in your PC and your mobile phone. The tricks work when the user installs Viber on both PC and the mobile phone. You will be required to enter a code that will activate both Viber accounts simultaneously.

The dual use is particularly resourceful for people who like multitasking and find themselves shuttling between their personal computer and smartphone. Both machines are synchronized to run the Viber account at the same time.

Easy to Customize

You can tailor Viber to your personal needs thanks to its increased freedom that it grants its users. You can change your background to be as appealing as you want. When you are bored you can also remove the default background and set another one.

The Viber application itself is adapted to various niches. You can change it to address your specific preferences. You can set Viber SMS to send automatic text messages to various recipients. The recipients must be Viber users.

You will be able to see the delivery status of your message. Thus you will know whether it was sent and actually if it was delivered to your recipient. Again, you can establish the last time your Viber contacts were online by only checking at their timelines.

Maximum Wi-Fi Control

Do not worry about the amount of data that you will consume while using Viber. This is because the Viber Wi-Fi settings are such that you can limit and expand the rate of using your own data bundles if you select the Wi-Fi option. Wi-Fi network gives you high speed browsing as well as quickly loading photos and videos. You may want to use it, but sparingly. This is precisely what Viber developers had in mind, while designing the internet settings of this amazing app.

Push to Talk

This feature enables you to send both pictures and voice messages to other Viber users in real time. You are required to switch on your microphone before you start a conversation so that the recipient will get high quality sound on the other end of the call. Just go to the conversation box and press the button labelled “Hold to Talk” and start chatting.

As a rule, compatibility is crucial in push-to-talk. Both the recipient and the sender must be on the Viber 4.0 platform to be connected. However, if you do not have this option, the sender will record the message and send it to you later. You are only required to play and listen. Is that too much to ask?

 Beautiful Stickers

You can download stickers from Viber 4.0 at an affordable fee. Go to the Sticker Market and select the stickers you want to download and use.

There is free download category and a premium one. You will be charged when downloading premium stickers but still you can grab the opportunity and take advantage of free sticker downloads. So far Viber 4.0 is the only app that offers users with the widest array of stickers, when compared to other free messaging and calling applications.