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Gmail 5.0 with Android L Material Design Available Now


Not everyone has the funds or the eagerness to invest in a brand new phone to experience what Android L has to offer.

For most users who have purchased models from Motorola, LG and Sony among other major players, the L update is going to roll out eventually; but others may not be lucky enough. For those, now there’s a great opportunity to experience the material design that developers have been talking so much recently.

You won’t get all the apps but an APK for Gmail 5.0 is now available and you can experience it on your Android Kit Kat phones without having to wait long. It is also available for users who are running Jelly Bean version of the operating system and it’s going to be a delight when you get to experience the future while still being on your old phone. People who regularly use the Gmail app would definitely find this addition an amazing surprise on their Android phone.

Simple Yet Cool

The new Gmail 5.0 features a very simple and a flat design. The style was first inspired by Microsoft with their Windows 8 OS and now everyone else has adopted it. The flatter design is nice to look at, has new colors and elements that makes it easy for you to access content much easier than before. The search feature has been improved as well while animations are subtle yet stylish in their own way. They are designed to not stress your hardware resources, which makes it possible for Google to provide a seamless experience for users on almost every smartphone model.

New Features

Apart from the visual changes in the design, the Gmail 5.0 also brings support for exchange accounts which business users have been expecting for a long time. There is an option to have multiple inboxes as well as the feature to access e-mail messages from other service providers. You can now have Outlook and Yahoo mail directly delivered into your Gmail app which is something new as they are supposed to be its competitors.

The Play Store version may or may not be officially available to you right now. You can always find the APK online and directly download it. With the mobile version of the e-mail client being revamped a lot, we could also expect the PC version to undergo some changes as well so as to make browsing, mailing and replying much easier than it already is.