A laptop lover will find it hard to get used to a tablet, because a tablet can’t replace a laptop. However, the iPad Air 2 and the MacBook Air 2014 are two great options when it comes to similar performance, although they’re two different devices. And you might be interested in finding more about them.

Displays and sizes

The iPad Air has a 9.7inches Retina display whose resolution reaches 2048x1536pixels. The display comes with an antireflective coating which helps it reduce glare by 56%. The Mackbook Air 2014 has a relatively bigger display of 11inches (LED-backlit) which supports 1366x768pixels.

The dimensions of the Air 2 are 240×169.5×6.1mm with two variants of weights – 437grams (WiFi) and 444grams (3G/LTE). The MacBook Air measures 3-17x300x192mm and it’s much heavier, weighting over 1kg. This means that the laptop is 25% longer and 13% than the tablet and the tablet is 64% thinner than the MBA. Both devices have an aluminum build and they’re also available in gold shades.


The iPad Air 2 can be turned into a small faux laptop if you add a third-party keyboard. However, the keyboard doesn’t include trackpads, because the operating system doesn’t support cursor input. On the other hand, the MBA has a great glass trackpad that works perfectly with iOS.

Fingerprint sensors

The iPad Air 2 integrated Apple’s Touch ID sensor which is compatible with Apple Pay, but only the online portion.

Hardware and OS

The iPad Air 2 is powered by a Triple-core 1.5 GHz Apple A8X processor, which is as 75-94% as fast as the 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor from the MBA, which has a Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz. The Air 2 has 2GB of RAM, while the Macbook Air has double the capacity and it’s configurable to 8GB. AS far as the internal memories go, the Air 2 offers three variants of 16/64/128 GB, but they’re unexpandable. The MacBook Air comes in two variants of 128 and 256GB, which are configurable to 512GB.

While the iPad Air 2 comes loaded with iOS 8, the MacBook operates on OS X Yosemite.


While the iPad Air 2 has an 8MP camera on the back with autofocus, HDR, 1.12µm pixel etc and a 1.2MP camera on the front, the Macbook Air provides a 720p FaceTime HD camera.


The Air 2 houses a non-removable Li-Po battery (27.3 Wh) with ten hours of multimedia usage, with one hour more than MBA’s non-removable battery.

Microsoft Office

It was obvious that the laptop can run Microsoft Office, but it’s a respective version which will cost you extra money. However, the iPad Air 2 supports Microsoft Office also.

USB ports

Only the MacBook Air comes with two USB 3.0 ports, while the iPad Air 2, like any other iPad, doesn’t support USB ports.


The price for the MacBook Air starts from 899 dollars and the most expensive variant costs around 1200 dollars. The iPad Air 2 costs between 499 dollars and 829 dollars.

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