PES 2015 is a benchmark game for Konami, because for the first time, the developers are going out of their safe zone and experimenting with a completely new Fox engine.

The graphics, the game play elements, match making and player reactions have all been revamped. They have focused on it to make sure it works great on the next gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

In a new trailer revealed recently, the developers also proudly shown off some great animations as well as the manager system that lets you customize each game as you want it to be. It shows how you could be a very choosy manager who can create offensive or defensive moves for each player, so that they can work as a team to score goals.

The shooting system in PES 2015 is completely new where you have complete control over the ball and the player. For many years, players have been complaining about a system that doesn’t allow them to focus on the goal or the next player. Instead of creating random passes, you can now focus on specific player or even use long pass so as to get across the obstacles.

The dribbling skills have been retouched, using which you can jump, pass or simply choose to run quickly so that others couldn’t cope up with your speed. Players like Ronaldo or Messi could easily get this done that makes it much easier for you to score goals especially in competitive online matches.

Game Modes

Game modes are now plenty, including the usual exhibition and seasonal matches. The My Club is the most important addition to PES 2015 that allows you to make your own set of star players and pit them in the most intense matches against other teams from around the globe. You will also be able to get live updates of player performances in the real matches and Konami aims to update them into the game by using patch fixes for the game. The cups you will be playing include UEFA, as well as for the first time the game features Recopa Santander Sudamericana cup and the Copa Total Sudamericana 2014. This gives players more areas to push and pit their skills against computer AI players.

The video gives you more information on ways to organize players and customize them which you can catch on YouTube. PES 2015 launches on November 13 which is really close by. Get ready to kick some ball!

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