When you want to purchase the best laptop for yourself, you can consider purchasing the Apple MacBook Air or Lenovo Yoga 3. MacBook Air is very famous for its lightweight and powerful performance.

You can also download some popular apps for its App Store easily. It is believed to be one of the best devices from Apple corporation today. The Lenovo Yoga 3 is suitable for all users who want to find a flexible laptop. There are some flexible options that are provided by this powerful laptop. This Yoga 3 is a combination of tablet and laptop.

Here are some comparisons between those two devices.

  1. Type

This is the first factor that you have to take a look from both laptops. The MacBook Air is a traditional notebook that has a lot of useful features for all customers. When you need a traditional laptop for supporting your daily activities, you can consider using this MacBook Air. When you want to find a modern device, you can consider purchasing the Lenovo Yoga 3. The Yoga 3 is a transforming 2-in-1 device. It is basically an UltraBook tablet that has 360 degree rotating hinge. This UltraBook tablet can be converted to become a laptop easily. Because of this feature, many people are interested with Lenovo Yoga 3.

  1. Weight

When you compare both laptops, you also need to check this factor. It is an important factor for most laptop users these days. Both products have light weight, so you can bring them at anytime you want easily. Therefore, both products are recommended for people who love traveling. The MacBook Air 13″ weighs about 2.96 pounds, while the Yoga 3 weighs about 2.70 pounds. From this comparison, you can realize that the Yoga 3 is lighter than the MacBook Air. However, the weight difference is not significant. Therefore, you can select the best lightweight laptop that is suitable for your needs.

  1. Camera

Both laptops have HD front facing camera. This feature is very useful for all users who want to communicate with other friends or relatives easily. You are able to use this camera when you video call your friends with your favorite laptop. Both laptops have similar camera specification. They have 720p HD front facing camera. This specification can help you enjoy your time when you video call your friends.

  1. Design

When you want to purchase the best laptop for yourself, you need to take a look at this feature. You need to consider the design of your laptop. The MacBook Air comes with aluminum body that is very durable for long time use. This aluminum can also show the stylish appearance of this laptop. Many people are interested with this laptop because of this stylish aluminum material. The Lenovo Yoga 3 is made from Plastic and Metal Hybrid shell. The combination of plastic and metal can improve the appearance of this laptop. Both laptops have beautiful and stylish appearance.

As you can see both laptops are equipped with a lot of useful features for all users. However, we think the Lenovo Yoga 3 has more features and benefits than the MacBook Air but as ever it depends on your own needs and if the MacBook Air fits those needs the best, then you won’t be disappointed.

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