For years, smartphone users are complaining that their precious devices do not last as much as they would like.

Users are forced to charge their handsets every night. The routine is simple, use the phone during the day, and charge it before you go to bed. Sometimes, you need to charge the phone even during the day. Motorola Droid Turbo aims to change all that, and for that, the company and the handset should be awarded with a Nobel Prize.

How Good Is the Battery?

The Droid Turbo boosts a 3900 mAh battery inside. Motorola claims the battery can deliver 48 hours of usage without problems. That is, provided you do not overuse the handset with multitasks, including internet browsing / video watching and talking at the same time.

The Price of a Massive Battery

When you fit such a huge battery in a handset, something’s got to give. In the case of the Droid Turbo, that is the thickness. The device is compact, but it comes with a thickness of 11.2mm. Compared to rival smartphones on the market, trying to go below 8mm and at least bellow 9mm, Motorola suffers.

The Tests

It is only logical not to expect 48 hours heavy usage from a smartphone. Therefore, the folks at PhoneArena tested the battery and how it compares to other handsets. The Droid Turbo lasted 10 hours and 42 minutes in the most rigorous test. For example, the Z3 won second place with 9 hours and 29 minutes, followed by Samsung’s Note 4 with 8 hours and 43 minutes lifespan. Testers noted that Motorola’s device has an ‘excellent’ lifespan.

For charging time, the Droid Turbo still comes in the top 3. Even though it features a lot larger battery than rivals, the device can be full charged in 126 minutes. The Note 4 performed best in this test, with 95 minutes needed to fully charge the handset. The second place belongs to LG G3 with 120 minutes.
On the second endurance test, where testers browsed 50 of the most popular websites, operating on the 4G LTE network, the Droid Turbo came on top again. Motorola’s device lasted 9 hours and 30 minutes, almost one hour more than the average lifespan.

Phandroid is another website that conducted a test to check the endurance of the Droid Turbo. The device lasted 21 hours in their test that includes of browsing, image sharing websites, playing games, taking pictures, recording videos, installing applications and watching YouTube videos. The Droid Turbo provided more than five hours of continuous screen time, even though the brightness was set to maximum. Average handsets last only two hours in similar settings.

The Turbo Charger

The battery life is different for every user and is highly dependent on their patterns and lifestyles. For example, some people won’t make a call for days, but they will play games until the battery dies. Others use their handsets to respond to emails, chat on Facebook and similar. The bonus of the Droid Turbo is the Turbo Charger. According to Motorola, this device can provide users with 8 hours of usage in just 15 minutes’ charging.

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