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If you’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga for a while now then you have already encountered several annoying blockers that put a damp in your game. Blockers are the ones that prevent you from getting to a candy and most of them occupy their own square on the board. Each level has blockers to try and stop you from completing an objective, so you need to clear them. You can have one kind of blocker in a level and as you reach higher levels, there will be two or three types of blockers that you need to clear each level. Here are some of the most common blockers in Candy Crush Saga that have a habit of reappearing throughout the game.

Regular Icing

The regular icing is one of the first blockers that you will encounter in Candy Crush Saga and it’s also the easiest to clear. It takes up one space within the board and can be cleared by matching candies adjacent to it or by using special candies, although the combination of two color bombs won’t break the icing. If you’re dealing with lots of icings, the key is to make many special candies to break them.

Chocolate and Chocolate Spawner

One of the most annoying and difficult to play with, chocolate multiplies along with every move if you don’t immediately destroy it, disrupting your next move. Chocolates can be cleared if you match candies adjacent to it and also by using special candies. Just like with other blockers in the game, jelly, another blocker, might be hiding underneath it. In other levels, you will also have a chocolate spawner in the board. Chocolates spawner is a permanent machine that creates a chocolate. It cannot be destroyed and it just creates and creates chocolates until you finished the level.

Liquorice Lock and Liquorice Swirl

Licqourice lock is a blocker that locks a candy by forming an X over the candy. It can be cleared by matching the locked candy with two other candies with the same color. It can also be destroyed through special candies. Liquorice Swirl, on the other hand, does not lock a candy but just a mere blocker that can be switched with candies. It can be cleared by matching candies next to it. An annoying property of the Liquorice Swirl is that, due to some unexplained reason, it is not affected by special candies. If you use a striped candy, it can break the Liquorice Swirl but not the candies beyond it.

Candy Bomb

Another difficult blocker in Candy Crush Saga, the Candy Bomb is a bomb that has a number in it. The number represents the number of moves before the bomb explodes. For each move you make that doesn’t destroy the Candy Bomb, the number in it will reduce by one, counting down before the whole board explodes. Candy Bombs can be destroyed like regular candies – matching its color with two more of the same color and also by using special candies. The Bomb Cooler, which is a booster, increases the number by 5 moves if used on a Candy Bomb.

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