If you’re looking for a convenient way to send and receive instant messages, you should consider Google Chat.

It may not offer the same features which you can find in other popular messaging apps but you can be assured that it’s very easy to use, not to mention free. Using Google Chat is easy since you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer to start using it. You can open it in your Gmail account on a web browser. It’s a no-fuss way to communicate with other Gmail users.

Difference between Google Chat and Google Talk

You should not get confused between Google Chat and Google Talk. Google Talk is an application that you need to download on your computer and it offers more features that Google Chat. Google Chat is a chat application within a Gmail account, although you can use the same Gmail account for both chat services and you may alternate between the two.

Chat Within Your Gmail Address

Google Chat is preferred if you don’t want to install another application on your desktop and you don’t mind opening your Gmail on a web browser to chat. Google Chat also lets you make landline and mobile calls within the email. If the person connects their landline or mobile number to their email address, you can call them on the number they provided.

Choose a Photo for Your Contacts

If your contacts uploaded a profile photo in their Google account, the photo will be automatically uploaded in their Gmail and Google Chat. However, if you want to assign a photo to their profiles, you can change it in the “Contacts” page. Choose “change picture” and you can upload the photo you want. What’s even better is that the person won’t know that you changed his or her photo.

Send SMS Using Google Chat

If the friend you’re trying to reach is offline and you need to send him an important message, you may continue to do so through GChat. You can send an SMS in the Google Chat window and your contact will receive the text message on his mobile phone. Sending a text message through Google Chat is free but you should be aware that mobile carriers might charge the recipient with their standard SMS rates.

Add More People to Join the Conversation

If the conversation is becoming boring, you can always choose to bring in more people to join the conversation. This only works if the person’s chat client also supports group chats, and if not, you won’t be able to use the group chat feature. In the chat window, just click on “add people” to start adding more participants in the chat.

Start a Video Call

If you ever get tired of typing and you would rather see the person’s face, you may choose to start a video call with the said person. You may also find this feature in the chat window – just click on the video camera icon to start the face-to-face conversation.

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