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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet vs iPhone 6 Plus – Specifications and Pricing Compared


iPhone 6 brought about a major change by taking the screen size to a maximum of 5.5 inches. This screen is featured on the iPhone 6 Plus, which is the largest iPhone that can be bought to date. This brings The it on the verge of tablet territory since some of the handy tablets like the Nexus 7 feature only a 7-inch display. The Xperia Z2 Tablet is a product that is meant to take all of the great features from the Xperia Z2 into the tablet segment.


Samsung has launched a number of large tablets in recent years. Sony follows suit by introducing the Xperia Z2 Tablet, which has a 10.1 inch display. Tablets are yet to go full-fledged with regard to the QHD or, even better, 4K displays, which is odd considering that this amount of resolution starts to get appreciable only in screen sizes greater than 6 inches. As a result of offering only 1200 x 1920 pixels in this massive display, the Xperia Z2 Tablet does not hit the 250 PPI figure. The iPhone 6 Plus, meanwhile, becomes the first iPhone to sport a full HD display. This enables the device to exceed 400 PPI.

Unique Features

The Xperia Z2 Tablet is clearly one of the best in terms of design. Despite this mammoth display, it is extremely thin at just 6.4 mm. It is also dust and water resistant, similar to the Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z3 smartphones. Even though smartphones are increasingly susceptible to water, the advantages of having a water resistant tablet may find its use only from here on. Apple does not provide these aspects from the iPhone 6 Plus, which is slightly thicker at 7.1 mm. Instead, it offers the fingerprint sensor or the touch ID, which facilitates easy access to the phone.


Internal memory offered on the Xperia Z2 Tablet is on the disappointing side with only 16 GB. This may be a cause for concern for those looking to install numerous high-end games. The ability to install applications on the microSD card, which is supported on this tablet, is not available until the devices are rooted, which present a lot of technical challenges to many. iPhone 6 Plus continues to do away with the memory card support like many other Apple devices. Yet, with a maximum of 128 GB storage on the phone, this is unlikely to be a worry.


Snapdragon recently came out with the 805 range of processors, but the Xperia Z2 Tablet came a little too early. It features the slightly older 801 range, but it is no slouch. The iPhone 6 Plus continues to set incredible benchmarks despite only having a dual core 1.4 GHz processor.

New unlocked versions of the Xperia Z2 Tablet are priced at a very attractive $450 compared to the astronomical iPhone 6 Plus prices of $1150 for the 128 GB capacity models in the unlocked versions.