Ever since the first Angry Birds app was introduced into the market, there have been a lot of versions released as a way of celebrating the success of the first version.

Angry Birds Epic is one of the Angry Birds versions released recently. Angry Birds Epic comes with a sort of different game play as it involves magic, weapons, bad guys as well as silly hats.

Crafting is one of the many components that come with this game. The crafting feature in this game simply means that the player will be expecting to revisit the battles they have won in an attempt to obtain farming resources that are needed to complete varying recipes. This game allows players to replay any battle. It is worth noting that some battles are easier to complete than others.

Here are some ideal farming spots to replay in this game, including the resources you stand to harvest from winning the battles again. It is also worth noting that replaying the levels gives you the chance to gather snoutlings and XP.

You need to remember that the battles with single components to defeat are the easiest to farm. As long as you have the golden chili, you can easily beat these levels. The golden chili offers a full range of chilies to start each turn.

Places to Farm in Angry Birds Epic

South Beach

This is the game’s starting level. After playing other levels and advancing your birds, you can return to this level and finally manage to beat the beach guard pig with just one hit. If you have the golden chili, you can use it to attack the pig and kill it instantly.

Once you win the battle here, you stand to make away with the banana, seashells and shiny sand.

The Cobalt Plateaus

At this level, you are required to knock out quite a number of pigs. Therefore, it is best to take your chili fueled explosive powder with you for this mission. This bomb will deal quite a blow on all the enemies, and you can do away with your loot. Alternatively, you can open the attack using the golden chili. This will kill all pigs aside from the rogue leader, which can be cleaned up using the red bird or any other bird.

Once you win this level, you will do away with seeds, wood and shiny sand.

The Limestone Lagoon

Here, you are only required to defeat one enemy; but he is quite big – Cabin Boy. While he comes in great health, he first attacks with a haymaker, which takes 3 turns to charge. This gives you three turns to attack. If you are returning to this level from a much higher level, carry your strongest birds like the Blues, Red or the Bomb. You can open attack using the golden chili and follow up with the birds to destroy the Cabin Boy before he wreaks havoc on your birds.

Once you complete this level successfully, you will do away with limestone, sea berry and flotsam.

The Eastern Desert Island

This is yet another location with only one pig to defeat. The Cactus Knight Captain comes with ironclad powers that make him immune to attacks that produce less than 55% damage. Therefore, you need to take your heavy damage dealing birds with you. Take Red with you, but ensure that it comes with its guardian or knight head as opposed to the samurai. Apart from Red, you can also take Bomb and the Blue bird with you.

Once you win, you will do away with fossil, shiny sand and limestone.

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