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Download these Photo Apps with Instagram


Instagram is a photo-sharing app where users instantly become professional photographers.

However, that’s not without help from other photo apps that are compatible with the social media. Instagram users rely on other apps that make their photos more beautiful and also to find the best filter to use on their photo. If you’re just about to join the popular Instagram and don’t know which apps to use it with, here are a list of different kinds of apps that you can use to achieve a better photo.


Instagram does not have an album folder and you can only post one photo at a time so what are you going to do with an entire set of photos in your phone? You can use a photo application like PhotoGrid where you can place as many as 15 photos in a grid. To use PhotoGrid, just select the photos that you want to include and you can even play with the photos by choosing a layout, flipping the photos, and rearranging them before saving your work.


Sometimes a picture does not say a thousand words. You need to literally insert a text within the picture to tell a story. In this case, the app Phonto is the best choice that lets you write text in a photo. There are many font styles and colors to choose from so you don’t have to deal with a boring black-and-white caption ever again.


Instagram only allows you to upload square-sized photos, anything larger than that you will have to crop it. This could be a problem for a group photo and you don’t want to crop someone else in the picture or maybe you want to share a panoramic-type of picture with your followers. You don’t have to spend hours deciding which side to crop as you can just download Instasize. It is a photo app that adjusts your photo to make it fit with Instagram’s standard size. It also comes with other features that beautify your photos such as filters, boarders, and stickers.


There is another option to share a set of photos if you don’t want to combine them in a single grid or collage-style. You can make a short video made up of the photos using Flipagram. You can select as many photos as you want and the duration of the video. What’s even better is that you can also add music to the video – they even have a collection of current popular songs.


If you want to touch up on your portrait before uploading it on Instagram, the perfect app to use is Snapseed. You can edit any photo to make it look like it’s taken by a professional photographer. Snapseed lets you adjusts different elements in the photo such as the brightness, contrast, and saturation. If you see a great-quality photo in Instagram, there’s a good chance that the user used Snapseed to adjust the photo to make it brighter and the colors to stand out even better.