Since its 2003 inception, Skype has grown to become one of the most used apps with respect to online communication.

Many of its users have remained loyal to the app due to the variety of ways of chatting it offers them. With Skype, users are able to chat, using texts, voice calls, video calls or even a mixture of the three.

As it stands, Skype has a lot that it can offer users. However, if you are new to the services of this giant app, then it might be hard to know whether you are exploring the full potential of this app or not. Well, you don’t have to worry any more as the entirety of this article details out some of the simplest tips and tricks that all Skype users should know.

Sending Multimedia Files

There are definitely numerous occasions where users share conversations and in the process require referring to an image, or part of a song. This is also possible with Skype. When you want to get a point through, sometimes sending multimedia files can be a great way of ensuring the recipient of the information clearly gets the point of your discussion. Sending multimedia files can also be a great way of collaborating on work projects.

For one to send files on Skype, simply click on the name of the person you wish to send to and then click on the “Conversation” tab that is located at the top of the navigation menu. Scroll down and select the “Send” option after which another menu pops up towards the right. Move your pointer to the popup menu and select “File…” A window will open up with the details and locations of files on your computer. Make a choice of the file you wish to send and send it.

Change Notification Settings

To some, it might sound so insignificant. However, this can be very helpful particularly for those intending to use Skype for business or work related tasks; for instance, conducting meetings and talking to contractors. There are several settings you can tweak on Skype and among them is adjusting your notifications.

In order to determine whether your friends are online or offline; first, you need to look at the menu located at the top of the window and to the far right, you should be able to see the “Tools” tab. Click on it and then click on “Options…” and you should be able to see a popup menu. This menu has many settings and a quick glance towards the left will land your eyes on the “Notifications” tab.

This is where you can change your notification settings such that you get notified when your friends come online, go offline, when you receive a message and even record special events like birthdays. After you are through with adjusting the settings, simply click on “Save” tab and you are good to go.

Add a Contact to Favorites

There are obviously some people in your contacts list you talk to more often than others and chances are very high that these are the people you’d easily want to locate in your address book. However, once your address book starts swelling well beyond 50 names, it can be a very mind-numbing process navigating through your address book in search of one name.

This can easily be prevented. Simply locate the name of this person in your contacts list then right click on this name. A popup menu will show up providing you with a list of options. Scroll down the menu and you should see an option labeled “Add to Favorites” towards the bottom.

Repeat this for all contacts you wish to add to your favorites’ list and you should see their names in the “Favorites” category at the top of your address book. It is now easy to find someone you regularly communicate with.

Skype is a giant voice calling app and with it, users get the best voice calling as well as video calling services, both local and international. If you are new on Skype, it is recommended you take out some time and ensure you make the most of the services Skype is offering.

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