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Telegram Free Download – A Free Messenger App For Life


If you snooze you lose, and with the world being fixated on speed, if you’re in business you need a way of getting messages quickly and safety.

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile messaging app where speed and security make it a sought after feature. It is not to be confused with WhatsApp though and with telegram messages you can access your messages from a number of different devices at once, sharing files and videos of any size.

Its biggest drawcard is that there are no subscription fees, no advertisement and it is entirely free. A unique custom data protocol has been developed which is secure and also optimised for work with many data centres, and this means that Telegram combines security and speed on any network.Telegram supports group chats with up to 200 contacts

How to Get Going with Telegram Messenger

You first down the Telegram app. You will need to enter your phone number for which you will receive a 4-digit verification code. You must enter enter the code into the app. You will then add your name as well as a picture of yourself. You can also adjust your chat background and customize the look and feel of your chats.

Which Devices can Telegram Work On?

First of all you can log in to Telegram from as many devices as you like, and all at the same time. It is available for iOS and Android devices, tablets, smart phones and computers. It was designed for iPhone and iPad, and also works on iPods too. The people you can write to are those who are in your phone contacts and who have Telegram. To enhance privacy even further you can choose a public username and people will be able to find you by that name. You can get this free messenger app by downloading it from the many app websites on the Internet and downloads are 100% safe and virus free.


  • Secrets Chats – for serious personal security, this is for sensitive information and all messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption which means only you and the receiver of your message can read the messages. You can also instruct your message to self-destruct, making is disappear from both your and the receiver’s device.
  • Telegram software allows you to send videos, photos, voice notes and all kinds of files.
  • It has groups for up to 200 members
  • Free multi platform application
  • Far more secure than WhatsApp
  • Encrypted conversations
  • The app is available on your mobile and PC
  • Two kinds of chats – ordinary and secret – no 3rd party can have access to your messages so you know exactly who’s getting your messages

With so many people using apps, it makes sense that there is a greater need for security as well as privacy. Users are sharing audio and video files all the time, and they want high speed communication for doing this. Telegram Messenger was launched in August 2013 and its massive popularity is because of its speedy communication and high security.

Being able to send messages to a large group of people at one time is an attractive feature and with its decentralized infrastructure spread around the world you can even be guaranteed of quick deliver of pictures and videos to people living abroad.

Telegram Messenger is all you need to make chatting to the world easy, safe and pleasurable. Get going, try it for yourself and see why so many people are completely impressed.