Everyone is well aware that the best games on Play Store come at a price.

Grand Theft Auto among others give quite the experience, but are quite costly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best available games that come at the most pocket-friendly prices – free!

  1. Angry Birds – it is probably the most loved right now. With a great series within in for racing (Angry Birds GO) and puzzle games (Piggie), you’re going to remain busy on your screen and you won’t know how it all happened. Join the millions of others who fell in love with it and get busy.
  1. Asphalt 8 Airborne – racing has been revolutionized in this game with awesome graphics to new-release cars. For the freemium model on Play Store, you could pick this game up for free and race your way to victory. There’s a lot of racing time and equally enviable airtime so pick it up if racing tickles your fancy.
  1. Battle Nations – prepare for an epic experience at battle strategy with Battle Nations. Receiving praise from major gaming blogs, this is the game to have. It is still on the Freemium list on the Play Store so you have no charges on it. With over 500 missions and a possible combination of 100 troops to go along with, you are going to have a lot of reason to lay low and stay off the grid for as long as possible.
  1. Bejewelled Blitz – with a high record of Google Play’s game of the year award in 2013, it is quite the simple game of matching shapes in a puzzle to gain points. It is quite the time waster just like its counterpart Candy Crush Saga. It is simple yet quite addictive. Try it out today and maybe you won’t notice the time pass.
  1. Candy Crush Saga – this game is insanely popular. With over 400 levels of play matching candies and unlocking new levels, it gets harder as you go further in the game. It is very simple yet enjoyable in its simplicity. It has a Facebook connect so that you can play with your friends online or just invite friends to play.
  1. Clash Of Clans – yet another freebie in the Play Store market, it is the n-depth game you have been looking for. With the ability to have multi-player and an online hosting system, you have to build a village and defend it from attack by other players who are equally playing online. Playing solo or forming alliances is up to you. If you are into strategizing, then this is your thing. Pick it up today.
  1. CSR Racing – if you are looking for racing and depth, this is your game. With drag racing with opponents both real and simulated, you can go for quarter and half mile runs. With the online feature, competition is more real.

Games for your android phone are pretty good for passing time, or killing boredom. Now you have the list of the 7 best.

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