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Google Hangouts vs. Skype – Which Should Be Your Favorite iPhone Chat App?


Many people take advantage of free chat services these days as their tool for communication for both personal and business uses.

Skype has always been a big name, when it comes to VoIP and it has been an important app for a lot of people for several years with just a few apps stumbling along its footsteps. However, one app that is said to be a great contender for Skype is called Google Hangouts – Google’s very own take on VoIP. It’s not easy to compete against the popular Skype but Hangouts has been giving it a shot, for a while now.

Color Coded Interface

If you noticed, the two chat services can be easily told apart by the color of their interface. Google Hangout’s trademark color is green while Skype is associated with blue. The menu for both apps is based on tabs. Skype has three tabs for contacts, favorite, and recent activities, and the dialer icon is found at the bottom. Google Hangouts’ tabs consist of contacts, favorites, chats, and calls. Tabs on both apps are navigated through swipes.


Perhaps one major difference between the two chat apps that may be a big deal to many people and shrugged off by others is the status features. Skype lets you choose from its different statuses, from online to busy or away, while Google Hangouts seem to be lacking in this. With Hangouts, it’s either your friend will reply to your message or not.

Snooze Notifications

Google Hangouts win in the snooze notifications department. It’s a very useful if you got your hands full and you don’t want to be disturbed by your friends’ incessant messages. You can choose to “snooze” your notifications for a period of 1 hour up to 72 hours, depending on how busy you are. Skype doesn’t have this feature – however, you can turn off the chat notifications for specific persons. You just need to remember to turn it back on once you’re not busy anymore.


In terms of major features, there is not much difference between the two apps – instant messaging, voice and video calls, group chat and calls, send and receive photos, and phone calls outside the apps. However, some minor differences are also noticeable. Google Hangouts allows you to send your location to your contacts. Skype doesn’t have the same feature but it lets you send video messages to them. Another similarity of the two is the ability to be used on the web and on your device simultaneously. You can easily switch between your computer and iPhone while chatting with someone – the chats are automatically synced.

Final Verdict

Choosing which one to use will depend on personal choice. If you have been using Skype for a long time and have a great history with the app, you can choose to stick with it. On the other hand, if your relationship with Skype is a patchy one, just like its quality sometimes when you don’t have a strong internet connection, you may consider Google Hangouts as an alternative. Your data or Wi-Fi connection will play an essential part in choosing the best chat app to save on your iPhone.