Going by traditions, 4J Studios recently tweeted another teaser image showing off toddler toys sitting inanimately to glorify what’s in between: A PS Vita displaying the new Minecraft start screen.

The console exhibits cool new features that will be in the game, which will definitely be available on Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft PS4. These will follow through updates for the predecessor consoles Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

4J Studios promises the game to be in a much grander scale. The developers came up to be more promising with their recent message confirming how the release may take a bit more time to happen as there will definitely be some significant restructuring and retouching to the game. Simply put, they will incorporate a much newer content that will have to extend their deadline.

Fair for Everyone

The first update to anticipate would be the Halloween special content, which will tandem with the Redstone update. With this dynamic duo, horses will finally be brought to life into every console platform to make the whole scheme resonate with the PC version. 4J Studios has also stated that they are not stalling, but simply choiceless with delays in their constant attempt make things more fair to gamers of all platforms.

Furthermore, the developers had confirmed that delays will no longer be the case as everything is set, as fiery as Minecraft for PC, and that they are only awaiting further approval from Sony for PS4 and Microsoft for the Xbox One.

Welcoming the Bats

The previous teaser images were fairly concentrated with plush toys that are bats. Now it makes more sense:

  • Minecraft PS4 together with every console edition will receive the winged creatures as an aesthetically and operationally attractive update pretty soon.
  • The wither boss will also be introduced, which will without doubt ignite a more exciting feel to the game.
  • Though there had been a lacuna in the updates, it is only because 4J Studios is taking the game to a much higher place, which will be realized by its avid fanbase as soon as the release comes for both the PS4 and Xbox one gaming consoles.

The Animal Craze

With the next gen edition of the game finally about to be out in the open, 4J can finally have the time to mash all these features into one take of an update. Players will gain the ability to capture, tame and breed animals, especially horses. This is considered to be one of the more important updates, given the title of the game. After all, apart from being mere pet animals, they can be a great resource for transport means, giving the gamers more liberty in traveling around with those huge map updates.

Minecraft PS4 Next Update Release Date Speculations

As of November 7, 4J Studios have been consistently with releasing teaser updates for PS4 and Xbox One gamers. A week ago, they released the Limited Edition Halloween Texture Pack followed by the Steampunk TP. Both can be purchased at a dollar each. Moreover, beacons are now in the limelight with the more recent teasers with the studios not having any clear confirmation on the release date yet.

We’ll of course keep you more informed of further speculation that has some validation, as and when we hear of it.

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