Choosing free antivirus could be a tough call because even though you are not going to pay for any of the services, it is important that the program should secure your computer and other devices.

Most users are literally scared of virus, malware, spyware and other issues that continue to intimidate them. Losing data is another nightmare that no one likes to go through. However, when you use an antivirus program, another widely known complaint is that it slows down your PC. Using AVG 2015 free antivirus edition is an ideal choice for you and will answer all your above questions with ease. It has a lot of great and new features. Here’s a brief overview guide to help you out.

Better Firewall

The free antivirus edition from AVG now features a much powerful and an intuitive firewall feature that would make sure your devices are safe. Firewall is the first level of protection that denies access to any program that tries to gain access without proper permission. While if you play games or like to make voice calls over the internet, you can just choose the option to allow trusted programs while everything else will be promptly blocked. The new firewall is much better at detecting spyware and malware as well as it retrieves data from an improved database.

Online Shield

Another new feature which can be found only in AVG 2015 edition is the shield option that defends your PC from any downloads. A lot of programs over the web will try to gain access and automatically install themselves into the operating system. They will then start sending data or sometimes will act as a key for hackers to gain access to your computer so as to lock it down. This security feature makes sure any unauthorized downloads are never carried out.

Virus Detection

The virus detection rate in AVG free antivirus 2015 edition is exceptionally high and much more accurate than ever before. It uses a user-generated database that is constantly updated and new logs are downloaded to ensure you are protected. Users can mark any file as spam or suspicious if they find issues with it. It helps the AVG database to continue to grow almost every day and the latest updates that are received directly from the users themselves ensure that any malware or malicious code is instantly blocked before it reaches the entire user base.

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