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The Free Viber Download is Now Available for all Platforms


When anyone talks about Viber, everything comes to mind.

It is an application that has many uses, for instance, you can text, send data, call friends and share a lot of information all at once. It is this versatile nature of the application that has made it popular among people especially the younger generation.

The application is not only available to users worldwide but also works on many platforms. All you have to do is buy your smartphone, visit their website and download your app. How you use the app to make your phone journey amazing is left to your creativity and imagination.

Viber works on a variety of platforms. On the iOS platform, for instance, the app has been upgraded to enable Viber users transfer calls from their iPhones to their computers. Whether you are on your iPad or iPhone, you can be able to send video messages to your family and friends from anywhere in the world. The app also enables you to know when users are connected to it by indicating their online status. Alongside these features, there is also a wide range of stickers added to the existing ones to make your messaging experience more fun.

The features that come with Viber downloads on the iOS platform are pretty much the same as those on the Android platform. If you download the app on your phone or tablet, it will work the same. Just like the iOS platform, the Viber app is updated for Android mobile and tablet users to include features such as the ability to transfer calls to your desktop.

The app is typical of this generation’s applications in that it has a Holo interface. Unlike before, you can now download photos using Viber onto your Android phone. This feature is also available for the iOS platform. It is also possible for one to use Viber on both their Android tablet and phone at the same time.

The Viber messaging and calling application has also been made available to BlackBerry, Windows 8 and Windows Phone users. For the Windows phone, Viber enables you to make calls and send instant messages to your family and friends using either your 3G network or Wi-Fi connection.

The version which exists currently enables you to form chat groups of up to 40 persons. Its features include notification options for locked screens as well as interactive tiles for easy navigation. With the app, you can also be able to open messages from the ‘START’ menu. The advantage of downloading the app for your windows phone is that the calling quality is high and you get to add your contacts automatically. It also allows you to share your location as well as images to other viber users.

For BlackBerry users, the experience is not like that of Viber users on other networks. However, there are upcoming updates for the platform, including updates which will make calls free over WiFi and 3G networks. While platforms such as iOS and Android allow their Viber users to use the app for calling across the globe, BlackBerry only allows its users to share pictures and send messages in the meantime. One advantage of the app is that it synchronizes your BlackBerry contacts with the Viber network so that you can see other users of the app from your contact list. With Viber on your BlackBerry phone, you can easily text friends and family. The only downside is that they do not have a call support yet.

For Windows 8 tablet users, the Viber experience is one filled with fun and creative features. Apart from sending messages and calling, the app allows its users to conduct video calls. If you have a windows PC you can also enjoy the same advantages. All you have to do is download the app and install it on your PC or tablet and you are good to go.

The calls made via Viber on the Windows platform are free because the app works effectively on your PC’s VoIP. Just like on the Windows phone, calls made with your tablet or PC will be of high quality. You also have your notifications delivered to a system tray for easy retrieval. Like the BlackBerry platform, you do not have to manually sync your contact list because this is automatically done for you.

The good thing with Viber is that, across all the platforms on which it operates, users can enjoy the basic features of the app and more. For those who cannot be able to make free calls to their loved ones because they do not have Viber, they can call them using Viber Out. Viber Out allows users to call non-Viber mobile users as well as land line users at very low rates.

When you install your Viber app, you do not require a different user ID because it is your phone number. The features you want for your app can also be easily downloaded from their website. You can make your Viber experience more fun and lively by downloading wallpapers and profile pictures and backgrounds. These range from colorful wallpapers to plain ones which can be used interchangeably. Whether you are using a tablet, phone or PC you can download creative wallpapers to complement your device’s shape, color and style.

Once you download your app and install it, you may experience problems navigating it the first time. If you experience such problems, no need to worry. Their support call system is very effective and their customer care services very friendly. Depending on where you are, you can call them and inquire about how the system works and solve any queries you have concerning their app. You can get these services in Spanish, English, French or any other language.

Using Viber is very cheap and quite affordable. The download is free provided you have an internet connection and you can always get updated versions when they get into the market. How you use the app to your benefit is left to you to decide because you alone can explore the app’s full potential.