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Skype Free Download – Suitable For All Devices


Skype is user-friendly software that enables in different parts of the world to communicate with ease. It provides an effective way of staying in touch with the loved ones, people who matter most in life.

Millions of people are nowadays using Skype to voice and video calls, exchange instant messages, and exchange photos and other files. On any given day, people use the Skype to call to mobiles and landlines which is in turn cost effective. All one needs is a computer, microphone, speakers, and an internet connection.

Where to Download Skype

It is a free application and can be downloaded from Skype’s official website at There are also other safe sites that have its links where one can download it. For people with android smartphones, it can be found in the Android market. For iOS devices, the application is the App store.

How to Download and use Skype

Step I

Visit Skype’s website at and click on the “Get Skype” option

Step 2

For windows, click on the green button labelled ‘Get Skype for Windows’ and for Linux and Mac users, select ‘on your computer’

Step 3

Wait for the download to complete and double the setup file icon. A window pops up with instructions and all you need is to follow them and save the file ‘SkypeSetup.exe’

Step 4

After saving ‘SkypeSetup.exe’ successfully, run it. Its setup wizard appears and provides you with a guide throughout the installation process.

Step 5

Wait until the wizard complete, then you can open Skype and start using it at any time if you know how to go about it. For beginners, move onto the next step

Step 6

To open, double click Skype’s icon in the start menu or on the desktop. When the app starts, it asks you to create a new account. Select ‘Don’t have a Skype name?’ to create your account, Key in your name and unique username followed by a password. Follow all the instructions and then click ‘sign in’.

Step 7

At this stage you can add friends and relatives. Add them to your list by clicking on ‘add’ on Skype main window and entering their Skype name or email address.

Step 8

If you are online, select the friend to call and click the call green button with a telephone headset icon. Wait the friend from the other end to answer your call.

Step 9

You can also chat using messages clicking on a contact and then the blue button to send it.

Step 10

Check on Skype’s charges for making mobile and telephone calls across the world.

Advantages of using Skype

  • Strengthens relationships; Skype allows people to make both voice and video calls to both business and personal calls. The ability to have real conversations is way better than email and text messages communication.
  • Instant Messaging Service; Texts are convenient for sorting out small tasks and Skype allows people to exchange them instantly even with a group of people.
  • Flexibility; Skype is now available in almost ranging from tablets and computers to smartphones.
  • Low Cost; it has a basic version that is free for all uses and a premium one that charges a maximum of $6 for all uses in a month.

Skype is the app all people should is available on iOS devices such as iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. It is also available on some android devices. It is also compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.