When you get your hands on a new game that you think is going to be an absolute delight, you hardly every think there would be a possibility of ending up with something that would be bug ridden and would keep crashing all the time.

For people who had preordered Assassin’s Creed Unity, the unlocking of the game yesterday midnight unleashed complete madness. The French Revolution themed game had everyone’s hopes up and everyone wanted to see what Ubisoft would deliver. Unfortunately, the PC experience has not been all good.

Performance Issues

On an average PC machine, the game’s frame rate is at best choppy. Fortunately, if you were experiencing issues, they would arise during the cut scenes and not the actual game – which might be a relief for some. It is probable that these issues arise only because the game is loading in the background during the cut scenes. However, this means that the cinematic scenes, which were supposed to give somebody to the story, jerk around and become extremely awkward. This is certainly no fun, especially for those who had preordered the game and had been awaiting its release all this while.

The Game

The game itself is interesting; except for a few minor issues with performance, including texturing and object pop-ins every now and then. The game has massive crowds built into the story and often, one can see people from the crowds very few feet. A lot of times, the game is able to handle the massive crowds, but there are times when it falters and you see the crowd in the unlikeliest of places. Apart from that, the game looks absolutely great. Though Ubisoft claims that you can play the game with a minimum GTX 680, some players who have higher configurations still could not play the game efficiently. There have been recurrent complains of glitchy lighting and poor quality texturing.

The Forums Overflow

The Steam forums for Assassin Creed Unity are overflowing with complains from fellow gamers, who have been exceedingly disappointed with the extent of the problems they are facing with the game on PC. A lot of online features in the game, that should have been enabled, are not functioning and if you try to access them, the game offers error codes that give you almost no information on what is happening. Some players even experienced a hard lock after playing the game for a couple of hours.

It seems that the internet is teeming with the woes of players who have not been able to enjoy the game as it was intended. Instead, they have had to contend with crashes, low functionality and graphic errors. The good thing is, that this is just the first day after the launch and it is possible that Ubisoft may take into account all the complaints from the players and they may eventually iron these kinks out to give us a gaming experience than is more than just pain free. We are eagerly waiting for the time when the game is all ironed out and we can experience what Ubisoft wanted us to experience in the first place.

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